[rancid] Alcatel script, not parsing the commands and/or output well (/partially)

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Wed Jan 16 17:39:43 UTC 2019

Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 12:02:14PM +0100, Remko Lodder:
> Hi all,
> First of all, thank you for Rancid, it’s a great tool to monitor configuration changes and pushing back changes.
> Having Said that;
> I fetched some alcatel switches which I modified a little to work on various types . These changes are trivial
> changes from upstream so no real changes there actually.
> It seems that most switches work just fine, but that one particular switch is not able to keep up  with the
> requests. It seems that this specific switch misses commands (like ls and show interface status).
> If I look back in the raw output it appears to miss characters:
> # how interfaces status
>                   ^
> ERROR: Invalid entry: “how”
> The same goes for ls, where ’s' is the command being send. Or for exit at the end which is send as “xit”.
> The scripts are from: https://github.com/buraglio/alurancid (Thanks buraglio) and apart from one switch work
> fine it seems.
> Switching from SSH to Telnet does not make a difference.
> Does someone have an suggestion on where to look?

can you try the sros support that is in rancid 3.8 or the current alpha?

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