[rancid] How to remove all comments made by rancid

Florin Vlad Olariu vv.corto at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 09:17:06 UTC 2019


I'm using the latest version of Rancid. I would like to remove all comments
that Rancid makes (e.g beginning with ! ) from the config file it
collects.  I already disabled all commands from the rancid.types.base and
only allows "show run" but it doesn't seem to be enough because I still see
(for example):



! Command: show running-config

! device: LAB-arista1a (DCS-7150S-64-CL, EOS-4.20.12M-2GB)


! boot system flash:/EOS-2GB-4.20.12M.swi


. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!


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