[rancid] How to remove all comments made by rancid

Adam Thompson athompson at merlin.mb.ca
Thu Jun 27 15:31:22 UTC 2019

You’re still seeing that because that’s part of the Arista output, not something inserted by Rancid.
Log in manually and execute the “show run” command and you’ll see the same output.  (Except for the “RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE” header, of course, and I don’t know how to suppress that without editing source code.)

After a slightly deeper look, I believe my assumption is correct – you can’t remove or suppress the RANCID-CONTENT-TYPE header without editing the Rancid code directly.
My only Arista (a 7280R-something) is sitting on a desk next to me, and I’m *definitely* not going to power it on in the office just to pull a running-config to verify my recollection of its “show run” format, sorry.


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I'm using the latest version of Rancid. I would like to remove all comments that Rancid makes (e.g beginning with ! ) from the config file it collects.  I already disabled all commands from the rancid.types.base and only allows "show run" but it doesn't seem to be enough because I still see (for example):

! Command: show running-config
! device: LAB-arista1a (DCS-7150S-64-CL, EOS-4.20.12M-2GB)
! boot system flash:/EOS-2GB-4.20.12M.swi

. Any help you could provide would be appreciated!


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