[rancid] Fwd: Rancid - cmwlogin - HPE switches

Vacheslav m_zouhairy at skno.by
Fri Oct 25 11:05:22 UTC 2019

so i decided to upgrade rancid in hopes of getting rid of the message i
n the morning which one cisco switch produces on fresh boot. and so i
install from rancid-master which turned out to be rancid 3.9
and here is what i get

Trying to get all of the configs.
cisco-isr: missed cmd(s): dir /all bootflash:, show controllers, show
controllers cbus, show diagbus, show diag, show capture, show module
switch, show module, show spe version, show c7200, show cellular 0
profile, show inventory raw, show inventory, show vtp status, show
vlan, show vlan-switch, show switch detail, show sdm prefer, show
system mtu, show debug, show shun, more system:running-config, show
running-config view full, show running-config
cisco-isr: End of run not found
!Flash: bootflash: drwx             4096  Feb 27 2018 13:59:45
+03:00  vman_fdb

there is a folder vman_fdb which shows using the dir /all bootflash:

similar messages on other devices are:

cisconexus-1: missed cmd(s): dir logflash:, dir slot0:, dir usb1:, dir
usb2:, dir volatile:, show module, show inventory, show interface
transceiver, show vlan, show debug, show cores vdc-all, show processes
log vdc-all, show module fex, show fex
cisconexus-1: End of run not found
!Flash: logflash: Usage for logflash://sup-local

and from searching, the solution is to comment out the following

#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all nvram:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all bootflash:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slot0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all disk0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slot1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all disk1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slot2:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all disk2:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all harddisk:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all harddiska:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all harddiskb:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sup-bootdisk:;c6500 sup32
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sup-bootflash:;c6500 ios
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sup-microcode:;c6500 ios
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavenvram:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavebootflash:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slaveslot0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavedisk0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slaveslot1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavedisk1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slaveslot2:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavedisk2:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all slavesup-bootflash:;c7600
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-nvram:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-bootflash:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-slot0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-disk0:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-slot1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-disk1:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-slot2:
#cisco;command;ios::DirSlotN;dir /all sec-disk2:


#cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir bootflash:
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir debug:
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir logflash:
cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir slot0:
cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir usb1:
cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir usb2:
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::DirSlotN;dir volatile:
cisco-nx;command;nxos::ShowModule;show module
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::ShowModule;show module xbar
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::ShowModule;show module X;add, but wait for show
#cisco-nx;command;nxos::ShowModule;show module X epld;add, but wait for
show all

this all sounds abnormal because in the previous version there were
just 2 commands commented out for nexus ..

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