[rancid] no CVS directory created for new groups

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Tue Apr 28 15:13:08 UTC 2020

Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 02:05:00PM +0000, Charles T. Brooks:
> If you haven't defined CVSROOT then CVS won't know where to create CVS objects, n'est-ce pas?
> Until you define it, CVS can't work.  Google your error message.
> CVSROOT is usually set in a bash profile (or whatever login initialization script is used by your chosen OS.)

For rancid, CVSROOT is set in rancid.conf.  Please see the comments about
this in that file.  But, CVSROOT in one's environment is only needed when
outside of an established repository, or it can be specified on the cmd-line
with the -d option.  Once within one, it would be read from the file CVS/Root
(iirc), unless overridden by the env variable or cmd-line.

The scripts that need it, will read rancid.conf from the default location
or as specified on the cmd-line.  An interactive user using bourne shell
can include it in their env by running ". /path/to/rancid.conf"

I suspect that Tim's problem is that the new groups are not in
rancid.conf:LIST_OF_GROUPS nor specified on the cmd-line and therefore were
not processed by rancid-cvs.

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