[rancid] fortigate 100E hourly changes not filtered

Tim McIntire Tim.McIntire at infinite.com
Tue Apr 28 20:24:01 UTC 2020

Hi All,

Having a problem with Rancid 3.9 with Fortigate 100E firewall.  Each hour, the config is updated with new Virus files and it is triggering an update/email for the change.

Here is the delta:

@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@



  #Version: FortiGate-100E v6.2.3,build1066,191218 (GA)

- #Virus-DB: 77.00033(2020-04-28 08:20)

- #Extended DB: 77.00033(2020-04-28 08:20)

- #IPS-DB: 15.00828(2020-04-25 01:28)

+ #Virus-DB: 77.00035(2020-04-28 10:20)

+ #Extended DB: 77.00035(2020-04-28 10:20)

+ #IPS-DB: 15.00829(2020-04-28 00:39)

  #IPS-ETDB: 0.00000(2001-01-01 00:00)

- #APP-DB: 15.00828(2020-04-25 01:28)

+ #APP-DB: 15.00829(2020-04-28 00:39)

  #INDUSTRIAL-DB: 6.00741(2015-12-01 02:30)

  #Serial-Number: FG100ETK19022626

  #IPS Malicious URL Database: 2.00627(2020-04-28 05:33)

  #Botnet DB: 1.00000(2012-05-28 22:51)

I can see in the lib/fortigate.pm file where it tries to filter this out, but it still showing up.   Has anyone else seen this?

Thanks for a really useful product, it has saved us on a number of occasions.


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