[rancid] Configuring Rancid

Patrick Okui pokui at psg.com
Wed Jul 28 19:18:31 UTC 2021

On 28 Jul 2021, at 10:19 EAT, simon ben wrote:

> I checked on the net but was not able to find any good configuring 
> docs
> appreciate any advice or a good link which has complete documentation 
> on how to configure rancid
> appreciate and thanks

The Network Startup Resource Center currently has a lab that walks 
participants through installing and getting rancid running as part of a 
“network monitoring and management” course. Base operating system 
will be Ubuntu rather than RedHat/CentOS but as Chris mentioned the 
configuration/running bits are the same across operating systems.

You can find the lab at 
and the rest of the course at 

The course does assume you have access to a lab layout similar to what 
is listed in the opening presentations but the rancid bit should be easy 
to tune to your environment.

Disclaimer: I do work with the NSRC.

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