[rancid] Dell N3048P, End of run not found. Regex issue?

Henrik Cednert (Filmlance) henrik.cednert at filmlance.se
Wed Jun 23 08:34:25 UTC 2021

Hi there

trying to get Rancid to work with a Dell N3048P. I'm running into probably the very same issues as here.

During troubleshooting I have followed the steps in the FAQ (https://shrubbery.net/rancid/FAQ).

I have tried my best to get it to work and I've tried alot so I might miss a few things here in this post.

I've concluded that tlogin works fine for the login procedure, I've landed in that since that one has the same WHILE as described in the post above. Making it somewhat easier for me to modify:
bin/tlogin jg-dsw01
spawn ssh -x -l rancid jg-dsw01
rancid at jg-dsw01's password:



I think the problem boils down to the exit "procedure" here.

JG-DSW01>exitConnection to jg-dsw01 closed.

When looking at the hostname.raw it looks like this:
eula-consent support-assist reject
eula-consent hiveagent reject


JG-DSW01>exitConnection to jg-dsw01 closed.^M

So with that I thought that I need to modify the 'trandic' script, which I did. I copied it to a new name and modified the original 'if' line that would give a clean_run=1. Sadly, I'm horrible at regex but I've used a few online tools to verify the expression. I also added a PRINT line inside that scope so I would see if it went into it or not.

if (/[>#]\s?exit$/) {

if (/[>#]\s?exit.*$/) {

I've tried others more loose as well but nothing makes it go into that 'if' when I run it.

rancid at m5-server08:~$ bin/neo-jgdsw01-trancid -d jg-dsw01
executing tlogin -t 90 -c"show running-config" jg-dsw01
HIT COMMAND:JG-DSW01#show running-config
    In ShowConfig: JG-DSW01#show running-config
jg-dsw01: End of run not found
jg-dsw01: clean_run is false
jg-dsw01: found_end is false
JG-DSW01>exitConnection to jg-dsw01 closed.
rancid at m5-server08:~$

I'm new to rancid and I honeslty have no idea where to go from here.

Does anyone have any pointers here? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.




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