[rancid] Looking glass rancid - "Error: Check your passwd for"

Stanislav Barzakov stanislav.barzakov at egt-interactive.com
Tue May 17 08:03:04 UTC 2022

I have successfully installed and configured RANCID. Everything works fine,
but when I tried to use looking glass, I got an error message: "Error:
Check your passwd for xxxx".
Hire is my router.db:


And .cloginrc:

add cyphertype xxxxx aes256-cbc
add method xxxxx {ssh:22}
add user xxxxx {rancid}
add password xxxxx {----.~- at _$----[-} {}
add noenable xxxx {1}

 I have tested with Cisco C9500-40X router.
Please help!

Stanislav Barzakov
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