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RCPd - Router RCP server daemon

rcpd is a RCP server intended specifically for router or network device clients. It is used to transfer configurations, boot images, and kernels images (eg: IOS) to the devices.

These files are often tranfered with TFTP, but TFTP has reliability and speed issues and file size limitations due to it's protocol specification and underlying transport; while RCP is not affected.

Ages ago, as I understand the history, John Hawkinson hacked together this daemon to get around those limitations, but without RCP's normal authentication mechanism and with the same security improvements that the BSD tftpds were offering at the time; namely tftpd's -s option.

At some point, the source essentially disappeared from the net; I seem to recall that the BBN FTP site was removed. Whatever the reason, I made a copy available with the additions of autoconf and a few fixes for Solaris. Enjoy!

Download it here:

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