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We like the Unix philosophy, build simple tools (urobouros) that can easily be combined to accomplish complex things. The beauty of simplicity.

Below is a catalog of tools that we have been involved in the development of, or altered, and some that we simply find very useful.

Package Description Home page
astraceroute AS traceroute
CRD Chaparral RAID controller daemon
FOAD A trivial spam filtering tool for use with procmail
RANCID Cisco/Juniper/Foundry/Redback/etc. configuration archiver and differ
RCPd A RCP server daemon for serving network device configuration and kernel files
TACACS+ A version of Cisco System's TACACS+ AAA service with a few added features
twedm 3ware 7000 & 8000 series RAID controller management program for NetBSD

See the package's home page for additional information.

The following are a collection of data which we like having at our finger tips and its of general utility. Some of them are just links, others are local copies.

  1. Phonetic
  2. RFCs, STDs, etc (search)
    or find the originals at
    1. RFCs at the IETF or RFCs at ISI
    2. rfc-index
    3. The RFC editor's database
    4. WG drafts
    5. WG charters
  3. Solaris
    1. Solaris 2.9 Answer_books (search)
  4. SNMP
    1. MIBs
  5. Unix
    1. FHS / Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    2. SUSv3 / Single Unix Specification (SUSv2)
      but its best for you to visit the source, The Open Group
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