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Shrubbery Networks, Inc. Unix, Network, IT Consulting Service

Without the right tools, the task at hand often takes far greater time and effort.  All tradesmen know this basic rule of doing business.  Obviously computer systems and network design, implementation, and administration are not immune to this law.

In fact, as the system grows in size and complexity, the right tools are essential.  This is one of those epiphanies that is like a right of passage in the Unix world.  And the next can be summed up as "the simple solution is almost always the correct one" or "the beauty of (or in) simplicity."  Many will never reach these conclusions within their lifetime.

The point?  Two fold; avoid complexity and automate, automate, automate!  Let the tools do the work for you, reducing your OPEX.  Its the double-edged dagger that kills the cycle of the urobouros of the computing industry.  Of course, data representation, statistics, & etc. help.

Here is a catalog of tools, one that will surely grow.  This includes tools that we have been involved in the development of, or altered and some that we simply find very useful.

Package Description Home page
CRD Chaparral RAID controller daemon
FOAD A trivial spam filtering tool for use with procmail
RANCID Cisco/Juniper/Foundry/Redback/etc. configuration archiver and differ
Registry A domain registration package designed for .us locality managers
TACACS+ A version of Cisco System's TACACS+ AAA service with a few added features
twedm 3ware 7000 & 8000 series RAID controller management program for NetBSD

See the package's home page for copyright, license, and additional information.

Disclaimer: Shrubbery Networks, Inc. does not endorse these packages nor do we provide support.  Please contact the authors of the respective package(s) for more information.

Then theres the following collection of data which we enjoy having at our finger tips and its of general utility. Some of them are just links, others are local copies, which is a life saver when it's source happens to have server maintenance at the same time that we need the information.

  1. Cisco
    This version is rather old, but it comes in handy sometimes
  2. Phonetic
  3. RFCs, STDs, etc (search)
    or find the originals at
    1. RFCs at the IETF or RFCs at ISI
    2. rfc-index
    3. The RFC editor's database
    4. WG drafts
    5. WG charters
  4. Solaris
    1. Solaris 2.9 Answer_books (search)
  5. SNMP
    1. MIBs
  6. Unix
    1. FHS / Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
    2. SUSv3 / Single Unix Specification
      but its best for you to get it from the source, The Open Group
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