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System Codes

A11 Ultra 1 Models 140 and 170
A12 Ultra 1 Models 140E, 170E, and 200E
A14 Ultra 2
A16 Ultra 30
A17 Ultra Enterprise 3000 Workstation
A18 Ultra Enterprise 4000 Workstation
A20 Ultra 450 Workstation
A21 Ultra 5
A22 Ultra 10
A23 Ultra 60
A25 Ultra Enterprise 450 Workgroup Server
A26 Enterprise 250
A27 Ultra 80
A28 Sun Blade 1000
A29 Sun Blade 2000
A30 Sun Fire V880
A33 Enterprise 420R
A34 Enterprise 220R
A35 Sun Fire 280R
A36 Sun Blade 100
A37 Sun Fire V480
A41 Sun Blade 150
Ex000 Ultra Enterprise 3000/4000/5000/6000
Ex500 Enterprise 3500/4500/5500/6500
F3800 Sun Fire 3800
F4800 Sun Fire 4800
F4810 Sun Fire 4810
F6800 Sun Fire 6800
F15K Sun Fire 15K
N03 Netra t 1125
N04 Netra t 1120
N05 Netra ft 1800
N06 Netra t1 Model 105
N07 Netra t1 Model 100
N08 Netra ct 1600 (DC Chassis)
N09 Netra ct 1600 (AC Chassis)
N14 Netra t 1405
N15 Netra t 1400
N19 Netra X1
N21 Netra T1 AC200/DC200
N25 Netra 120 / Sun Fire V120
N28 Netra 20 (T4)

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