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General Information

The following table provides general information on system support topics.

Topic Description
Tests & Commands
Power On Self Test (POST) Modes Overview of POST test modes
POST Keyboard LED Error Codes Overview of POST error codes displayed on keyboard LEDs
System LED Descriptions Overview of LED readings for system front panels and boards
OpenBoot[tm] PROM (OBP) Commands OpenBoot PROM (OBP) commands overview, and listing of commands for specific tests and systems
Enterprise 3000-6500 Flash PROM and FCode Overview of Flash PROM programming utility for updating Flash PROM on the CPU/Memory board and FCode on the I/O boards
SCSI Disk Troubleshooting Overview of SCSI Disk troubleshooting tools and techniques, including pinout tables, connectors, controllers, sense keys, sense codes, etc.
Removable Media Troubleshooting Overview of troubleshooting tools and techniques for various removable media devices
Communication Troubleshooting Overview of troubleshooting tools and techniques for various communication devices, including general electrical data, and pin assignments for connectors, ports, audio jacks, etc.
Information Analysis
System Codes Translation of Architecture numbers (A20, A21, etc.)
Class Codes Overview of 3-digit Class Code prefixes of Sun part numbers
Part Number Breakdown Explanation of Sun part numbers (Class Code + Base + Dash)
System Serial Number Breakdown Explanation of Sun system serial numbers (year + week + Plant Code)
System Serial Number Locations Comprehensive list of serial number locations by system
Plant Codes Explanation of one-letter Plant Codes in system serial numbers
Miscellaneous Parts
Genie Lift Ordering Process & Locations Provides the process for ordering a Genie Lift for use in rack mounting some Sun Fire servers and the locations where they are stored.
PCI Information Overview of PCI Local Bus information, including mechanical and electrical specifications, and illustrations of boards and connectors
cPCI Coding Keys Overview of color-coded keys on cPCI conntecors, and examples of their use
Dip Switches and Jumpers Descriptions and illustrations of dip switches and jumpers
Recommended Tools Part numbers of recommended tools and tool kits
Batteries Part numbers and makers of small batteries
Firmware Part number tables of firmware releases for SPARCstorage Array Models 100/112/200/210, StorEdge A5000/A5100/A5200, and Exx00 I/O boards

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