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System Serial Number Breakdown

The system serial number contains all or most of the following fields of information: *

Year year of manufacture
Week week of manufacture
Plant manufacturing location (see Plant Codes below)
Product type of system manufactured
Software Beginning in July 1997, systems manufactured with
Shop Floor Execution use C up to fff units/week and
D if more than fff units/week are built.
The Shop Floor System did not use this field.
Build number alphanumeric or hexadecimal build number

* Serial numbers for Enterprise 10000 systems built in Beaverton, Oregon
   and Newark, California do not contain the year, week, and plant fields.


SunRay Serial Numbers

SunRay 1

SunRay 100

SunRay 150

Ultra 5 / Ultra 10 Serial Numbers

      Day field:
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday
4 = Thursday
5 = Friday

Plant Codes (currently active)

A Hillsboro, Oregon Sun 11/15/01
B Greencroft, UK IMP 02/25/97
C Foothill Ranch, California Celestica 11/15/99
D Melbourne, Florida Encore 10/06/97
E Scotland Solectron 03/09/01
F Fremont, California EM Solutions 02/28/00
G Malaysia Solectron (226A) 02/02/01
H Newark, California Sun 12/05/97
H Malaysia Solectron (13) 09/02/01
J Melbourne, Florida (StorEdge A7000) 03/12/98
K Kidsgrove, UK Celestica 08/11/97
L Lisburn, N. Ireland EMS Benac 02/28/00
M Linlithgow, Scotland Sun 03/30/89
M Malaysia Solectron (56) 10/10/01
N Thailand Celestica 05/30/00
P Anaheim, California APW 06/19/01
Q Dublin, Ireland Benchmark
R Rosyth, Fife, Scotland Solectron 03/19/01
S Ashton, UK Celestica 11/09/99
S Newark, California Solectron 08/16/01
T Remanufacturing
(Plant 125)
Sun 08/10/90
U Chelmsford, Massachusetts Sun 11/09/92
V Huntsville, Alabama Benchmark
W Westbrook, Maine EM Solutions 02/28/00
X Beith, Scotland APW 06/19/01
X Dublin, Ireland APW 12/11/01
Y Milpitas, California Solectron (Bldg. 4) 06/19/01
Z Italy VSP/EMEA 08/30/01
AA Czech Republic VSP/EMEA 08/30/01
AB Milpitas, California Solectron (Bldg. 18) 01/25/02

F* Fremont, California MiTAC/Synnex n/a
H* Hsinchu, Taiwan MiTAC n/a
L* Suwon, Korea Samsung n/a
T* Telford, Shropshire, UK MiTAC n/a
* These Plant Codes are followed by a Product Code.

Product Codes

D SunRay 1 (MiTAC)
F Netra T1 AC200 / DC200
L Netra X1
Sun Blade 100
SunRay 150 (Samsung)
U SunRay 100 (Samsung)
W Ultra 5 / Ultra 10

Plant Codes (inactive)

A Beaverton, Oregon 12/19/96 11/15/01
A Ashton, UK
very brief)
B Mountain View 1, California n/a 02/25/97
C Irvine, California
04/09/97 11/15/99
C Mountain View 4, California n/a 04/09/97
D Mountain View 3, California n/a 10/06/97
E Scotland
(Mach Technologies)
10/31/97 03/09/01
E Milpitas 1, California n/a 10/31/97
F Milpitas 4, California n/a 02/28/00
G Mach Tehnologies 04/08/97 02/02/01
G Westford, Massachusetts n/a 04/08/97
H Singapore
(Sun-3 Shoebox)
n/a 12/05/97
J Apple n/a 03/12/98
K Milpitas 5, California n/a 08/11/97
L Milpitas 7, California
(Specials Engineering)
n/a 02/28/00
N Japan 03/30/89 05/30/00
P Billerica, Massachusetts n/a 06/19/01
R Japan
(Fuji Xerox)
03/14/90 03/19/01
S Finished Goods n/a 11/09/99
V Malaysia
(Solectron 13)
09/12/96 10/02/00
X Test Site n/a 06/19/01
Y Solectron 01/11/94 06/19/01
EH Texas Instruments
(SBus Expansion Subsystem)
n/a n/a

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