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Genie Lift Ordering Process & Locations

Genie Lift Operator's Manual - Contains safety, pre-install inspection, testing information and operating instructions for the Genie Lift. The information in this manual should be reviewed before using the Genie Lift.

Note: Genie Lifts are only for use in rack installation of Sun Fire 3800/4800/4810 servers at this time. They will soon come with an additional kit to allow the lifts to be used for rack installation of Sun Fire V480 and V880. This note will be removed once those kits are available.

Sun Microsystems Genie Lift Locations & Ordering Contacts

Request delivery via the Contact below

** If you are in this Airport area and are Government, contact Dirk Phelps and or Mike Lunstra

Updated: 09/13/02

Airport Location Contact Back-up
ABQ - Albuquerque, NM Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
ALB - Albany, NY Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
ATL - Atlanta, GA Byron Wright Kim Felix
BDL - Hartford, CT Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
BOS - Bostn, MA Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
BUF - Buffalo, NY Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
CLE - Cleveland, OH David Maska Louis Aguayo
CMH - Columbus, OH David Maska Louis Aguayo
COS - Colorado Springs, CO Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
CVG - Cincinnati, OH David Maska Louis Aguayo
DCA ** - Washington, DC Byron Wright Kim Felix
DEN - Denver, CO Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
DFW - Dallas, TX Byron Wright Kim Felix
DTW - Detroit, MI David Maska Louis Aguayo
EWR - Newark, NJ Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
HNL - Honolulu, HI Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
IND - Indianapolis, IN David Maska Louis Aguayo
JFK - New York, NY Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
LAX ** - Los Angeles, CA CSM CSM
MCI - Kansas City, MO David Maska Louis Aguayo
MDT - Harrisburg, PA Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
MKE - Milwaukee, WI David Maska Louis Aguayo
MSP - Minneapolis, MN David Maska Louis Aguayo
OMA - Omaha, NE David Maska Louis Aguayo
ORD - Chicago, IL David Maska Louis Aguayo
PDX - Portland, OR CSM CSM
PHL - Philadelphia, PA Tom Sheehan Denise Cronin
PHX - Phoenix, AZ Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
SAN ** - San Diego, CA CSM CSM
SDF - Loiusville, KY David Maska Louis Aguayo
SEA - Seattle, WA CSM CSM
SFO - San Francisco, CA CSM CSM
SLC - Salt Lake City, UT Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra
SMF - Sacramento, CA CSM CSM
STL - St. Loius, MO David Maska Louis Aguayo
TUS - Tuscon, AZ Dirk Phelps Mike Lunstra

Contact Information Back-up Contact Information
Dirk Phelps
Phone: 602-522-7699 (X-43699)
email: Dirk.Phelps@Sun.Com
pager: 877-485-5015
Mike Lunstra
Phone: 505-262-5213
email: Michael.Lunstra@Sun.Com
pager: 877-688-6885
Tom Sheehan
Phone: 877-718-4446
email: Thomas.Sheehan@Sun.Com
pager: 1-800-759-8352 pin 1149093
Denise Cronin
Phone: 781-442-1148 (X-21148)
email: Denise.Cronin@Sun.Com
pager: 800-759-8352 pin 1270217
Byron Wright
Phone: 972-628-7278 (X-47278)
email: Byron.Wright@Sun.Com
pager: 1-800-759-8352 pin 1873699
Kim Felix
Phone: 410-312-1715 (X-21715)
email: Kim.Felix@Sun.Com
pager: 1-800-759-7243 pin 1951697
David Maska
Phone: 630-285-7671 (X-47671)
email: David.Maska@Sun.Com
pager: 1-800-759-8352 pin 1902527
Louis Aguayo
Phone: 630-285-7569 (X-47569)
email: Louis.Aguayo@Sun.Com
pager: 1-800-759-8352 pin 1350320


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