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Sun StorEdge[tm] A1000 Array: SRDBs

SRDB Synopsis
43381 How to reset the battery age on an A1000/A3500 array
28503 Boot from Sun StorEdge[TM] A1000 fails with error: cannot assemble drivers for /pseudo/rdnexus...
27223 RM6 error during bootup: The message definition file was not found
26744 RM6 - Commands fail with System_RmHomeDirectory error
26663 m6 GUI fails to allow user to modify configuration
26425 How to recover original rdac c#'s with RM6.2.2 after boot -r
25477 A3x00/A1000/rm6 - LUNS show up with 'sd' driver instead of 'rdriver'
24828 Upgrading firmware an A1000 fails with the message, "I/O going to controller or there are mounted file systems"
22142 Long boot times (90mins) with >8 LUN support on A1000 and A3x00 configurations
21234 Problem getting 16 lun support to work on PCI based systems with A1000/RSM2000/Sonoma
17729 After array install, cannot see Raid Modules in RM6 GUI

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