[rancid] Re: SSH Proto 1

Hopper, Faron W. faron.hopper at capgemini.com
Tue Oct 24 18:57:49 UTC 2006

I have added this to my .ssh/config file in the directory of the user
that runs rancid on my backup server

netcfgbak at net-stager:~$ cat .ssh/config
host router01?
protocol 1
netcfgbak at net-stager:~$

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I have seen some postings online to use the "add sshcmd" line in my
..cloginrc file to enable ssh protocol 1 for a device.  I don't see this
as one of the avaliable options in the sample .cloginrc file and it
didn't seem to work for me anyway.  Could someone give me some tips on
getting the ssh "-1" flag to work?

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