[rancid] problem with CSS order

Martin Björkman bjorkman.martin at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 16:53:34 UTC 2011


I'm having a very interesting problem with my rancid installation. It works
really well for the other models but this one Cisco CSS11501 is giving me a
headache :)

Basically, the problem being is that it doesn't take much care in regards to
the order in which it presents the information within a VIP for example,
which means I will get a rancid mail every time looking much like this:

    content XXX_S_CMS
      vip address xx.xx.xx.xx
-     protocol tcp
      port 80
+     protocol tcp
      add service XXX-SI-CMS01

same thing happens with the routes where they get presented in different
order every time..
I've really tried googling the issue but came up empty. Is this a known
problem and if so how do I solve it?
Is there a setting in the CSS to remedy this or is it possible to "sort" the
text before comitting to CVS?

Thanks for all suggestions

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