[rancid] Avoid diff when flash memory change

Gerhard Mourani GMourani at prival.ca
Mon Aug 27 14:11:46 UTC 2012

Hello List,

I've a small issue with Foundry/Brocade devices and Rancid (latest version).
Every time flash bytes change on the Foundry/Brocade devices, Rancid generate a new diff and send alerts on it generating almost 10 messages per day just for that.
The question is -> How to avoid diff when flash memory change with Foundry/Brocade devices (see example below)?

- !Flash: Bytes Used :    9269248 bytes
- !Flash: Bytes Free : 4093083648 bytes
+ !Flash: Bytes Used :    9273344 bytes
+ !Flash: Bytes Free : 4093079552 bytes

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