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Ultra[tm] 10 Workstation: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Ultra 10 workstation. The written procedures below are links to the Sun Ultra 10 Service Manual (805-7764).

CD-ROM Drive
  • Booting from CD-ROM on Ultra 5/10 systems might not succeed unless the system OBP is updated (FIN I0770-1).
CPU Fan Assembly  
CPU Module
  • The system board must have the minimum OBP version (3.19v4) installed for the Ultra 5/10 333MHZ Sapphire Red CPU module; otherwise, the system will be non-operational (FIN I0528-1).
  • Unable to boot after replacing CPU in Ultra 5/10 (SRDB 21117).
Disk Drive
  • When installing dual hard drives, the IDE cabling instructions in some Ultra 10 manuals are incorrect. See the Sun Ultra 10 Product Note (806-4928) for the correct instructions.
  • The Hard Drive Mirroring section describes the requirements and constraints of a hard drive mirroring solution that utilizes Solstice DiskSuite software.
  • Ultra 5/10 workstations may encounter uncorrectable data errors on IDE disks during boot after using shutdown -y -i5 -g0 command (FIN I0779-1).
  • Secondary disk drives won't be recognized with IBM 9 GB disk drive as a primary and both configured with "master" (FIN I0568-1).
  • After adding or replacing a disk drive, the following error occurs when attempting to use the format utility: "corrupt label - wrong magic number" (FIN I0385-1).
  • Mirrored 20GB disk drives on Ultra 10 and Sun Blade 100 systems may be exposed to a drive compatibility issue when replacing a failed drive ( FCO A0202-1).
  • 18GB and 36GB IBM disk drives experiencing high failure rate in high humidity and high temperature environments (FCO A0182-1).
Floppy Drive  
Front Bezel  
Graphics Card  
Power Supply  
Speaker Assembly  
Memory (DIMM)
  • Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems might not boot if Micron memory and OBP 3.25.2 (or earlier) are installed (FIN I0598-1).
  • New NVRAM (525-1817) is incompatible with the Ultra 5/10 system board (375-0079), so a new system board (375-0115) was created for the new NVRAM (I0596-1).
PCI Card
  • SunPCi II and SunPCi IIpro cards may not respond after rapid/successive power cycling (FCO A0186-1).
  • PCI cards in Ultra 10 not accessible due to mechanical alignment and seating problems with the PCI Riser card (FCO A0152-1).
  • Ultra 5/10 systems may encounter errors when booting from SCSI devices attached to Dual Ultra SCSI PCI cards (FIN I0386-1).
PCI Riser Board  
System Board  

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