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Programming Interfaces Guide

  1.  Memory Management
  2.  Remote Shared Memory API for Solaris Clusters
  3.  Process Scheduler
  4.  Input/Output Interfaces
  5.  Interprocess Communication
  6.  Socket Interfaces
  7.  Programming With XTI and TLI
  8.  Transport Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping
  9.  Real-time Programming and Administration
  10.  The Solaris ABI and ABI Tools
What is the Solaris ABI?
Defining the Solaris ABI
Symbol Versioning in Solaris Libraries
Using Symbol Versioning to Label the Solaris ABI
Solaris ABI Tools
appcert Utility
What appcert Checks
What appcert Does Not Check
Working with appcert
Using appcert for Application Triage
appcert Results
Using apptrace for Application Verification
  A.  UNIX Domain Sockets