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Programming Interfaces Guide

  1.  Memory Management
  2.  Remote Shared Memory API for Solaris Clusters
  3.  Process Scheduler
  4.  Input/Output Interfaces
  5.  Interprocess Communication
  6.  Socket Interfaces
  7.  Programming With XTI and TLI
  8.  Transport Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping
  9.  Real-time Programming and Administration
Basic Rules of Real-time Applications
Factors that degrading Response Time
Runaway Real-time Processes
Asynchronous I/O Behavior
Dispatch Latency
Interface Calls That Control Scheduling
Utilities That Control Scheduling
Configuring Scheduling
Memory Locking
Locking a Page
Unlocking a Page
Locking All Pages
Sticky Locks
High Performance I/O
POSIX Asynchronous I/O
Solaris Asynchronous I/O
Synchronized I/O
Interprocess Communication
Processing Signals
Pipes, Named Pipes, and Message Queues
Shared Memory
Asynchronous Networking
Modes of Networking
Timing Facilities
Timestamp Interfaces
Interval Timer Interfaces
  10.  The Solaris ABI and ABI Tools
  A.  UNIX Domain Sockets