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Programming Interfaces Guide

  1.  Memory Management
  2.  Remote Shared Memory API for Solaris Clusters
  3.  Process Scheduler
  4.  Input/Output Interfaces
  5.  Interprocess Communication
  6.  Socket Interfaces
  7.  Programming With XTI and TLI
What Are XTI and TLI?
XTI/TLI Read/Write Interface
Write Data
Read Data
Close Connection
Advanced XTI/TLI Topics
Asynchronous Execution Mode
Advanced XTI/TLI Programming Example
Asynchronous Networking
Networking Programming Models
Asynchronous Connectionless-Mode Service
Asynchronous Connection-Mode Service
Asynchronous Open
State Transitions
XTI/TLI States
Outgoing Events
Incoming Events
State Tables
Guidelines to Protocol Independence
XTI/TLI Versus Socket Interfaces
Socket-to-XTI/TLI Equivalents
Additions to the XTI Interface
  8.  Transport Selection and Name-to-Address Mapping
  9.  Real-time Programming and Administration
  10.  The Solaris ABI and ABI Tools
  A.  UNIX Domain Sockets