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Solaris Advanced User's Guide

  1.  Differences Between Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface
  2.  Logging In and Using Basic SunOS Commands
  3.  Working With Files and Directories
  4.  Searching Files
  5.  Managing Processes and Disk Usage
  6.  Using the vi Editor
  7.  Using Mail
  8.  Using Printers
  9.  Using the Network
  10.  Customizing Your Working Environment
  A.  Modifying the Keyboard
Disabling and Enabling the Compose Key
SPARC: Left-Handed Key Remapping
SPARC: Using the Remapping Script
SPARC: Undoing the Keyboard Remapping
IA: Function Key and Control Key Remapping
IA: Using the Remapping Script
IA: Undoing the Keyboard Remapping