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Solaris Advanced User's Guide

  1.  Differences Between Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface
  2.  Logging In and Using Basic SunOS Commands
  3.  Working With Files and Directories
File Concepts
Using File Commands
Before You Begin
Creating a Test File
Listing Files (ls)
Copying Files (cp)
Moving and Renaming Files (mv)
Deleting Files (rm)
Displaying File Contents (more, cat)
Displaying File Type (file)
Directories and Hierarchy
Directory Hierarchy
Printing the Working Directory (pwd)
Your Home Directory
Changing the Working Directory (cd)
Creating a Directory (mkdir)
Relative Path Names
Moving and Renaming Directories
Copying Directories
Removing Directories (rmdir)
Viewing Differences Between Files (diff)
Comparing Three Different Files (diff3)
Using bdiff on Large Files
Searching for Files (find)
File and Directory Security
Displaying Permissions and Status (ls -l)
Listing Hidden Files (ls -a)
Changing Permissions (chmod)
Setting Absolute Permissions
  4.  Searching Files
  5.  Managing Processes and Disk Usage
  6.  Using the vi Editor
  7.  Using Mail
  8.  Using Printers
  9.  Using the Network
  10.  Customizing Your Working Environment
  A.  Modifying the Keyboard