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Solaris Advanced User's Guide

  1.  Differences Between Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface
  2.  Logging In and Using Basic SunOS Commands
  3.  Working With Files and Directories
  4.  Searching Files
  5.  Managing Processes and Disk Usage
  6.  Using the vi Editor
  7.  Using Mail
  8.  Using Printers
Submitting Print Requests
Submitting Print Requests to the Default Printer
Submitting Print Requests Using a Printer Name
Requesting Notification When Printing Is Complete
Printing Multiple Copies
Summary Table of lp Options
Determining Printer Status
Checking on the Status of Your Print Requests
Checking Available Printers
Displaying All Status Information
Displaying Status for Printers
Summary Table of lpstat Options
Canceling a Print Request
Canceling a Print Request by ID Number
Canceling a Print Request by Printer Name
  9.  Using the Network
  10.  Customizing Your Working Environment
  A.  Modifying the Keyboard