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Solaris Advanced User's Guide

  1.  Differences Between Command Line Interface and Graphical User Interface
  2.  Logging In and Using Basic SunOS Commands
Logging In
Your Login Shell
Logging Out
Keyboard Equivalents
Command Prompt
Typing Commands
Correcting Typing Mistakes
Typing Multiple Commands and Long Commands
Repeating Previous Commands
Adding Command Options
Redirecting and Piping Command Output
Running Commands in the Background
Using a Password
Changing Your Password
Password Aging
Getting Help With OS Commands
Displaying Manual Pages With man
Displaying a One-line Summary With whatis
Keyword Lookup With apropos
  3.  Working With Files and Directories
  4.  Searching Files
  5.  Managing Processes and Disk Usage
  6.  Using the vi Editor
  7.  Using Mail
  8.  Using Printers
  9.  Using the Network
  10.  Customizing Your Working Environment
  A.  Modifying the Keyboard