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website Willem ERPOM Programmer

     Software Willem EPOM Programmer
   Manual to use the Program Willem EPROM (English)
          How to use the EPROM Programmer
          How to use the Self Test Function
          How to set the adapter 27C400/800/160/320
          How to put Chip on Socket for TSOP (32, 40, 48) and set jumper
          How to improve of Adapter. (Some time, The adapter have problem from socket on board with legs pin of adapter. It can adjust by extend of legs pin and do program it again. you look it from this picture.)

How to improve of Adapter. ****
    Manual to use the Program Willem EPROM (Thai)

    Program (Stop polling printer port XP) XP_stop_polling.reg
    Willem EPROM Programmer Supported IC List
   If the software PBC35 [0.98c / 98D2, 98D3] is not possible to read and programming with the device
     Install Programmer follow below.
          1. Install Version 0.97ja
          2. lnstall Version 0.98c ( PBC35 [0.98c] )
          3. install XP_stop_polling.reg (stop polling printer port)
          4. Run Program EPROM35 ( PBC35 [0.98c] ) again

    Technicque add stable of programing when there is usage an adapter
    Jumper Configuraton the board PCB3b/ PCB35 and PCB4C
    Self Test Function
    BIOS/Flash Setting & Programming
    EPROM Chip Programming
    ATMEL Chip Programming
    PIC Chip Programming
    AVR Chip Programming

Website Sivava

Website Circuitry Original manuscript Proflas


JDM 84 PIC16x84 , 24Cxx


          HexEdit is a hexadecimal file editor for Microsoft Windows.

Flie about MCS-51 from Websites Philips (MCS51-2)
Explanation about MCS-51 language Thai from Kasetsart University (path \mcs51_thai)
Website Wichit Sirichote's Programmemer Board MCS-51 (path \kmitl)

Franklin C51 for DOS Compiler language C for MCS-51 operate in DOS.
Micro C51 Compiler language C for MCS-51 operate in DOS.
Micro C8085 Compiler Language C for 8085 operate in DOS.
C51 Primer (html document) Document writing C51 beginning.
Sim8052 for Windows Programming Simulator for look at Operate of MCS-51.
TSim 8051 for Windows Another Programming Simulator for MCS-51.
VB-IO-DLL Flie DLL for VB for write Programming control pass port Ready Source Code.
SoftLA Printer Port Logic Analyzer Ready manual connect cable and Operated.
dScope 51/251 v.1.3p for Win Programming Simulator for MCS-51 from Keil.
Parallel Monitor

Small Programming for look at differen value Or set value give with port printer.

Audio Test Make Sound Card change to Scope, FFT, signal Gen.
SDCC SDCC free C compiler 8051 (ANSI C)
FilterPro SDCC free C compiler 8051 (ANSI C)
PIC Basic PRO 2.03 Design circuit Filter
SimZ80 for DOS Compiler language BASIC for PIC operate in DOS.

The Hardware HandBook form diverse connecter

ATMEL Flash Microcontroller PDF
Dallas Semiconductor
Acrobat reader PDF 16bit V3, 32bit V3, 32bit V4

UntraEdit text editer 16 bit/32bit
ETT (directory)
Sila (directory)
Flowchart (smartdraw 4.04 RETAIL)
Electronic WorkBench 5.0 for Win95
OrCAD 7.0 for Windows 95/NT
Protel Advanced PCB 2.7.1
Protel Advanced Schmatic 3.20 EDA
Protel Advanced PCB 1.5 for windows
Protel Schematic 1.0 for windows
Winzip 7.0 sr-1
Adapter EPROM 16 Bit from Toomas Toots