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Sun Enterprise[tm] 10000 Server: InfoDocs

InfoDoc Synopsis
50061 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: Using find command to clean up SSP files
41703 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: How to boot a domain from the network
41246 Booting a domain from the primary ssp's cdrom.
41244 Steps for un-hanging Sun Enterprise (TM) 10000 domain.
24929 E10K - Solaris 2.6 to 2.7 upgrade may hang
23571 Compatibility for E10K System Board 501-5693
22650 Configuring netcon logging on the SSP?
22273 Dynamic Reconfiguration(DR) with Solaris 2.6 KU-20
22162 Can proctool be run on E10k's?
22158 Detecting a system board's memory and i/o board configuration on a running E10k domain
22156 Sun Enterprise[TM] 3x00 - 10000: Is there any way to identify the CPU types (333/400-4/400-8)?
22150 How to create an AP network device
22145 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: Sample steps to troubleshoot the host reset dump file
21628 SSP Software Versions
20902 Procedure to change the domain name on E10000
20823 Information about hangs on E10k systems due to disabling of Intimate Shared Memory (ISM) in /etc/system or Oracle's init.ora file
20291 Tips and gotchas installing or upgrading to SSP 3.1.1
19997 Procedure to change E10K control board IP addresses
19897 How to run hpost on E10000 system board with no I/O configured
19650 how can one tell if a mezzanine board is installed on the system board
19453 How to determine E10000 system board type
18486 How to enable Memory ECC error reporting on Starfire[TM] by default
18452 How to create and convert a backup SSP
18117 Configuring an extra hub for network installation of Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000
17382 Configuring 336-MHz CPU into a Sun Enterprise Ultra[TM] E10000
16970 Clearing Shared Memory
16745 Xpdat:- Starfire POST Dump Analyses Tool
16610 Upgrade SSP software from 3.0 to 3.1
16510 How to tell the revision of SSP software
16483 How to change the IP Address of a E10000 Control Board
16372 Installing Clustered E10000 (Starfire[TM])
15786 How to log what gets typed at a netcon session
15600 Changing the path to the boot disk on a STARFIRE without AP installed
15206 E10000[TM] Correctable Error reporting not enabled by default
15093 torque specs for UE10000 - Sun Enterprise 10000[TM]
15092 creating an eeprom.image file on UE10000 - Sun Enterprise 10000[TM]
15058 Creating meta-network device on UE10000 - Sun Enterprise 10000[TM]
15055 Sun Enterprise[TM] 10000: Creating a domain from the command line
15054 SSP Environment Variables
15053 UE10000 - Sun Enterprise 10000[TM] - Related OBP Variables
15051 Decoding a Processor number on UE10000
15050 Decoding sbus number on UE10000

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