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SunOS man pages Index
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halfdelay.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
halfdelay.3xcursesenable/disable half-delay mode
halt.1mstop the processor
has_colors.3cursesSee curs_color.3curses
has_colors.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
hash.1evaluate the internal hash table of the contents of directories
hashcheck.1See spell.1
hashmake.1See spell.1
hashstat.1See hash.1
has_ic.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
has_ic.3xcursesdetermine insert/delete character/line capability
has_il.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
has_il.3xcursesSee has_ic.3xcurses
hasmntopt.3cSee getmntent.3c
hat_getkpfnum.9fget page frame number for kernel address
havedisk.3rpcSee rstat.3rpc
hci1394.7d1394 OpenHCI host controller driver
hcreate.3cSee hsearch.3c
hdestroy.3cSee hsearch.3c
hdio.7iSMD and IPI disk control operations
head.1display first few lines of files
help.1See sccs-help.1
helpdate.1See ckdate.1
helpgid.1See ckgid.1
helpint.1See ckint.1
helpitem.1See ckitem.1
helppath.1See ckpath.1
helprange.1See ckrange.1
helpstr.1See ckstr.1
helptime.1See cktime.1
helpuid.1See ckuid.1
helpyorn.1See ckyorn.1
herror.3resolvSee resolver.3resolv
hid.7dHuman interface device (HID) class driver
hide_panel.3cursesSee panel_show.3curses
history.1process command history list
hline.3xcursesuse single-byte characters (and renditions) to draw lines
hline_set.3xcursesuse complex characters (and renditions) to draw lines
hme.7dSUNW,hme Fast-Ethernet device driver
holidays.4prime/nonprime table for the accounting system
host2netname.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
hostconfig.1mconfigure a system's host parameters
hostid.1print the numeric identifier of the current host
hostname.1set or print name of current host system
hosts.4host name database
hosts.equiv.4trusted remote hosts and users
hp7221plot.1bSee plot.1b
hpfc.7dAgilent fibre channel host bus adapter
hpplot.1bSee plot.1b
hsearch.3cmanage hash search tables
hsfs.7fsHigh Sierra & ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system
hstrerror.3resolvSee resolver.3resolv
htable.1mconvert DoD Internet format host table
htonl.3socketSee byteorder.3socket
htonl.3xnetconvert values between host and network byte order
htons.3socketSee byteorder.3socket
htons.3xnetSee htonl.3xnet
hubd.7dUSB hub driver
hypot.3mEuclidean distance function
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