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SunOS man pages Index
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i286.1See machid.1
i2o_bs.7dBlock Storage OSM for I2O
i2o_scsi.7dan I2O OS specific module that supports SCSA interface.
i386.1See machid.1
i486.1See machid.1
i860.1See machid.1
iAPX286.1See machid.1
icmp6.7pInternet Control Message Protocol for Internet Protocol Version 6
icmp.7pInternet Control Message Protocol
ICMP.7pSee icmp.7p
iconv_1250.5code set conversion tables for MS 1250 (Windows Latin 2)
iconv_1251.5code set conversion tables for MS 1251 (Windows Cyrillic)
iconv.1code set conversion utility
iconv.3ccode conversion function
iconv.5code set conversion tables
iconv_646.5code set conversion tables for ISO 646
iconv_852.5code set conversion tables for MS 852 (MS-DOS Latin 2)
iconv_8859-1.5code set conversion tables for ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1)
iconv_8859-2.5code set conversion tables for ISO 8859-2 (Latin 2)
iconv_8859-5.5code set conversion tables for ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic)
iconv_close.3ccode conversion deallocation function
iconv_dhn.5code set conversion tables for DHN (Dom Handlowy Nauki)
iconv_koi8-r.5code set conversion tables for KOI8-R
iconv_mac_cyr.5code set conversion tables for Macintosh Cyrillic
iconv_maz.5code set conversion tables for Mazovia
iconv_open.3ccode conversion allocation function
iconv_pc_cyr.5code set conversion tables for Alternative PC Cyrillic
iconv_unicode.5code set conversion tables for Unicode
id.1mreturn user identity
id32_alloc.9f32-bit driver ID management routines
id32_free.9fSee id32_alloc.9f
id32_lookup.9fSee id32_alloc.9f
idcok.3cursesSee curs_outopts.3curses
idcok.3xcursesenable/disable hardware insert-character and delete-character features
identify.9edetermine if a driver is associated with a device
idlok.3cursesSee curs_outopts.3curses
idlok.3xcursesSee clearok.3xcurses
idn.7dinter-domain network device driver
idsconfig.1mprepare an iPlanet Directory Server (iDS) to be populated with data and serve LDAP clients
ieef.7dIntel Ethernet device driver
if.1See shell_builtins.1
if.7pSee if_tcp.7p
ifb.7d24-bit PCI color frame buffer and graphics accelerator driver
ifconfig.1mconfigure network interface parameters
if_freenameindex.3nslSee if_nametoindex.3nsl
if_freenameindex.3xnetSee if_nametoindex.3xnet
if_indextoname.3nslSee if_nametoindex.3nsl
if_indextoname.3xnetSee if_nametoindex.3xnet
if_mpadm.1mchange operational status of interfaces within a multipathing group
if_nameindex.3nslSee if_nametoindex.3nsl
if_nameindex.3xnetSee if_nametoindex.3xnet
if_nametoindex.3nslroutines to map Internet Protocol network interface names and interface indexes
if_nametoindex.3xnetfunctions to map Internet Protocol network interface names and interface indexes
ifp.7dISP2100 Family Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Driver
ifparse.1mparse ifconfig command line
if_tcp.7pgeneral properties of Internet Protocol network interfaces
ikeadm.1mmanipulate Internet Key Exchange (IKE) parameters and state
ikecert.1mmanipulates the machine's on-filesystem public-key certificate databases
ike.config.4configuration file for IKE policy
ike.preshared.4pre-shared keys file for IKE
ilogb.3mreturns an unbiased exponent
immedok.3cursesSee curs_outopts.3curses
immedok.3xcursescall refresh on changes to window
implot.1bSee plot.1b
in.3headInternet Protocol family
inb.9fread from an I/O port
inch.3cursesSee curs_inch.3curses
inch.3xcursesreturn a single-byte character (with rendition)
inchnstr.3cursesSee curs_inchstr.3curses
inchnstr.3xcursesretrieve a single-byte character string (with rendition)
inchstr.3cursesSee curs_inchstr.3curses
inchstr.3xcursesSee inchnstr.3xcurses
in.comsat.1mbiff server
index.3cstring operations
in.dhcpd.1mDynamic Host Configuration Protocol server
indicator.1fdisplay application specific alarms and/or the "working" indicator
indxbib.1create an inverted index to a bibliographic database
inet.3headdefinitions for internet operations
inet.3socketInternet address manipulation
inet6.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet6.7pInternet protocol family for Internet Protocol version 6
inet.7pInternet protocol family
inet_addr.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_addr.3xnetInternet address manipulation
inetd.1mInternet services daemon
inetd.conf.4Internet servers database
inet_lnaof.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_lnaof.3xnetSee inet_addr.3xnet
inet_makeaddr.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_makeaddr.3xnetSee inet_addr.3xnet
inet_netof.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_netof.3xnetSee inet_addr.3xnet
inet_network.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_network.3xnetSee inet_addr.3xnet
inet_ntoa.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_ntoa.3xnetSee inet_addr.3xnet
inet_ntop.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_pton.3socketSee inet.3socket
inet_type.4default Internet protocol type
in.fingerd.1mremote user information server
_info.9eSee _fini.9e
infocmp.1mcompare or print out terminfo descriptions
in.ftpd.1mFile Transfer Protocol Server
in.iked.1mdaemon for the Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
init.1mprocess control initialization
_init.9eSee _fini.9e
init_color.3cursesSee curs_color.3curses
init_color.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
init.d.4initialization and termination scripts for changing init states
initgroups.3cinitialize the supplementary group access list
init_pair.3cursesSee curs_color.3curses
init_pair.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
initscr.3cursesSee curs_initscr.3curses
initscr.3xcursesscreen initialization functions
initstate.3cSee random.3c
inittab.4script for init
init.wbem.1mstart and stop the CIM Boot Manager
inl.9fSee inb.9f
in.lpd.1mBSD print protocol adaptor
in.mpathd.1mdaemon for network adapter (NIC) failure detection, recovery, automatic failover and failback
in.named.1mInternet domain name server (DNS)
in.ndpd.1mdaemon for IPv6 autoconfiguration
innetgr.3cSee getnetgrent.3c
innstr.3cursesSee curs_instr.3curses
innstr.3xcursesretrieve a multibyte character string (without rendition)
innwstr.3cursesSee curs_inwstr.3curses
innwstr.3xcursesretrieve a wide character string (without rendition)
inode.4See fs_ufs.4
inode_ufs.4See fs_ufs.4
inproj.3projectSee getprojent.3project
inquiry-device-type.9pproperties from SCSI inquiry data
inquiry-product-id.9pSee inquiry-device-type.9p
inquiry-revision-id.9pSee inquiry-device-type.9p
inquiry-vendor-id.9pSee inquiry-device-type.9p
in.rarpd.1mDARPA Reverse Address Resolution Protocol server
in.rdisc.1mnetwork router discovery daemon
in.rexecd.1mremote execution server
in.ripngd.1mnetwork routing daemon for IPv6
in.rlogind.1mremote login server
in.routed.1mnetwork routing daemon
in.rshd.1mremote shell server
in.rwhod.1msystem status server
insch.3cursesSee curs_insch.3curses
insch.3xcursesinsert a character
insdelln.3cursesSee curs_deleteln.3curses
insdelln.3xcursesinsert/delete lines to/from the window
insertln.3cursesSee curs_deleteln.3curses
insertln.3xcursesinsert a line in a window
insnstr.3cursesSee curs_insstr.3curses
insnstr.3xcursesinsert a multibyte character string
insnwstr.3cursesSee curs_inswstr.3curses
ins_nwstr.3xcursesinsert a wide character string
insq.9finsert a message into a queue
insque.3cinsert/remove element from a queue
insstr.3cursesSee curs_insstr.3curses
insstr.3xcursesSee insnstr.3xcurses
install.1binstall files
install.1minstall commands
installboot.1minstall bootblocks in a disk partition
installer.1mSolaris Web Start installer utility
installf.1madd a file to the software installation database
install_scripts.1mscripts used to install the Solaris software
instr.3cursesSee curs_instr.3curses
instr.3xcursesSee innstr.3xcurses
inswch.3cursesSee curs_inswch.3curses
ins_wch.3xcursesinsert a complex character
inswstr.3cursesSee curs_inswstr.3curses
ins_wstr.3xcursesSee ins_nwstr.3xcurses
in.talkd.1mserver for talk program
in.telnetd.1mDARPA TELNET protocol server
in.tftpd.1mInternet Trivial File Transfer Protocol server
in.tnamed.1mDARPA trivial name server
intrflush.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
intrflush.3xcurses enable or disable flush on interrupt
Intro.1mintroduction to maintenance commands and application programs
intro.1mSee Intro.1m
Intro.1introduction to commands and application programs
intro.1See Intro.1
Intro.2introduction to system calls and error numbers
intro.2See Intro.2
Intro.3introduction to functions and libraries
intro.3See Intro.3
Intro.4introduction to file formats
intro.4See Intro.4
Intro.5introduction to miscellany
intro.5See Intro.5
Intro.6introduction to games and demos
intro.6See Intro.6
Intro.7introduction to special files
intro.7See Intro.7
Intro.9eoverview of device driver interfaces and introduction to driver entry points
intro.9eSee Intro.9e
Intro.9fintroduction to DDI/DKI functions
intro.9fSee Intro.9f
Intro.9sintroduction to kernel data structures and properties
intro.9sSee Intro.9s
in.uucpd.1mUUCP server
inw.9fSee inb.9f
inwch.3cursesSee curs_inwch.3curses
in_wch.3xcursesretrieve a complex character (with rendition)
inwchnstr.3cursesSee curs_inwchstr.3curses
in_wchnstr.3xcursesretrieve complex character string (with rendition)
inwchstr.3cursesSee curs_inwchstr.3curses
in_wchstr.3xcursesSee in_wchnstr.3xcurses
inwstr.3cursesSee curs_inwstr.3curses
inwstr.3xcursesSee innwstr.3xcurses
iocblk.9sSTREAMS data structure for the M_IOCTL message type
IOC_CONVERT_FROM.9fdetermine if there is a need to translate M_IOCTL contents.
ioctl.2control device
ioctl.9econtrol a character device
iostat.1mreport I/O statistics
iovec.9sdata storage structure for I/O using uio
ip6.7pInternet Protocol Version 6
ip.7pInternet Protocol
IP.7pSee ip.7p
ipcrm.1remove a message queue, semaphore set, or shared memory ID
ipcs.1report inter-process communication facilities status
ipnodes.4local database associating names of nodes with IP addresses
iprb.7dIntel 82557, 82558, 82559-controlled network interface controllers
ipsec.7pInternet Protocol Security Architecture
ipsecah.7pIPsec Authentication Header
ipsecconf.1mconfigure system wide IPsec policy
ipsecesp.7pIPsec Encapsulating Security Payload
ipseckey.1mmanually manipulate an IPsec Security Association Database (SADB)
isa.4See sysbus.4
isaexec.3cinvoke isa-specific executable
isainfo.1describe instruction set architectures
isalist.1display the native instruction sets executable on this platform
isalist.5the native instruction sets known to Solaris software
isalnum.3cSee ctype.3c
isalpha.3cSee ctype.3c
isascii.3cSee ctype.3c
isastream.3ctest a file descriptor
isatty.3ctest for a terminal device
iscntrl.3cSee ctype.3c
isdigit.3cSee ctype.3c
isdnio.7iISDN interfaces
isencrypt.3gendetermine whether a buffer of characters is encrypted
isendwin.3cursesSee curs_initscr.3curses
isendwin.3xcursesSee endwin.3xcurses
isenglish.3cSee iswalpha.3c
isgraph.3cSee ctype.3c
isideogram.3cSee iswalpha.3c
is_linetouched.3cursesSee curs_touch.3curses
is_linetouched.3xcursescontrol window refresh
islower.3cSee ctype.3c
isnan.3cdetermine type of floating-point number
isnan.3mtest for NaN
isnand.3cSee isnan.3c
isnanf.3cSee isnan.3c
isnumber.3cSee iswalpha.3c
ISO.5See standards.5
isp.7dISP SCSI Host Bus Adapter Driver
isphonogram.3cSee iswalpha.3c
isprint.3cSee ctype.3c
ispunct.3cSee ctype.3c
issetugid.2determine if current executable is running setuid or setgid
isspace.3cSee ctype.3c
isspecial.3cSee iswalpha.3c
issue.4issue identification file
isupper.3cSee ctype.3c
iswalnum.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswalpha.3cwide-character code classification functions
iswascii.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswcntrl.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswctype.3ctest character for specified class
iswdigit.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswgraph.3cSee iswalpha.3c
is_wintouched.3cursesSee curs_touch.3curses
is_wintouched.3xcursesSee is_linetouched.3xcurses
iswlower.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswprint.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswpunct.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswspace.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswupper.3cSee iswalpha.3c
iswxdigit.3cSee iswalpha.3c
isxdigit.3cSee ctype.3c
item_count.3cursesSee menu_items.3curses
item_description.3cursesSee menu_item_name.3curses
item_index.3cursesSee menu_item_current.3curses
item_init.3cursesSee menu_hook.3curses
item_name.3cursesSee menu_item_name.3curses
item_opts.3cursesSee menu_item_opts.3curses
item_opts_off.3cursesSee menu_item_opts.3curses
item_opts_on.3cursesSee menu_item_opts.3curses
item_term.3cursesSee menu_hook.3curses
item_userptr.3cursesSee menu_item_userptr.3curses
item_value.3cursesSee menu_item_value.3curses
item_visible.3cursesSee menu_item_visible.3curses
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