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SunOS man pages Index
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y0.3mBessel functions of the second kind
y1.3mSee y0.3m
yacc.1yet another compiler-compiler
yes.1generate repetitive affirmative output
yield.2yield execution to another lightweight process
yn.3mSee y0.3m
yp_all.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
ypbind.1mNIS binder process
yp_bind.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
ypcat.1print values in a NIS database
ypclnt.3nslNIS Version 2 client interface
yperr_string.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
ypfiles.4Network Information Service Version 2, formerly knows as YP
yp_first.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yp_get_default_domain.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
ypinit.1mset up NIS client
ypmake.1mrebuild NIS database
yp_master.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
ypmatch.1print the value of one or more keys from a NIS map
yp_match.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yp_next.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yp_order.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yppasswd.1change your network password in the NIS database
yppasswdd.1mSee rpc.yppasswdd.1m
yppasswdd.4configuration file for rpc.yppasswdd (NIS password daemon)
yppoll.1mreturn current version of a NIS map at a NIS server host
ypprot_err.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yppush.1mforce propagation of changed NIS map
ypserv.1mNIS server and binder processes
ypset.1mpoint ypbind at a particular server
ypstart.1mStart and stop NIS services
ypstop.1mSee ypstart.1m
yp_unbind.3nslSee ypclnt.3nsl
yp_update.3nslchange NIS information
ypupdated.1mSee rpc.ypupdated.1m
ypwhich.1return name of NIS server or map master
ypxfr.1mtransfer NIS map from a NIS server to host
ypxfr_1perday.1mSee ypxfr.1m
ypxfr_1perhour.1mSee ypxfr.1m
ypxfr_2perday.1mSee ypxfr.1m
ypxfrd.1mSee ypserv.1m
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