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SunOS man pages Index
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obpsym.1mKernel Symbolic Debugging for OpenBoot Firmware
ocf_escr1.7dSun external serial smart card terminal driver
ocf_ibutton.7diButton Smart Card terminal driver
ocf_iscr1.7dI2C smart card card terminal driver
ocfserv.1mOCF server
od.1octal dump
offsetof.3coffset of structure member
ohci.7dOpenHCI host controller driver
on.1execute a command on a remote system, but with the local environment
onintr.1See trap.1
open.2open a file
open.9egain access to a device
openat.2See open.2
opendir.3copen directory
openlog.3cSee syslog.3c
openpl.3plotSee plot.3plot
openprom.7dPROM monitor configuration interface
openvt.3plotSee plot.3plot
optisa.1determine which variant instruction set is optimal to use
order.4package installation order description file
OTHERQ.9fget pointer to queue's partner queue
otherq.9fSee OTHERQ.9f
ott.4FACE object architecture information
outb.9fwrite to an I/O port
outl.9fSee outb.9f
outw.9fSee outb.9f
overlay.3cursesSee curs_overlay.3curses
overlay.3xcursescopy overlapped windows
overwrite.3cursesSee curs_overlay.3curses
overwrite.3xcursesSee overlay.3xcurses
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