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SunOS man pages Index
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va_arg.9fhandle variable argument list
vacation.1reply to mail automatically
va_copy.9fSee va_arg.9f
va_end.9fSee va_arg.9f
val.1See sccs-val.1
valdate.1See ckdate.1
valgid.1See ckgid.1
valint.1See ckint.1
valloc.3cSee malloc.3c
valloc.3mallocSee watchmalloc.3malloc
valpath.1See ckpath.1
valrange.1See ckrange.1
valstr.1See ckstr.1
valtime.1See cktime.1
values.3headmachine-dependent values
valuid.1See ckuid.1
valyorn.1See ckyorn.1
varargs.3headhandle variable argument list
variables.4See environ.4
va_start.9fSee va_arg.9f
vax.1See machid.1
vc.1version control
vcmn_err.9fSee cmn_err.9f
vedit.1See vi.1
ver.1See tplot.1
vfork.2spawn new process in a virtual memory efficient way
vfprintf.3cSee vprintf.3c
vfprintf.3ucbSee printf.3ucb
vfscanf.3cSee scanf.3c
vfstab.4table of file system defaults
vfwprintf.3cwide-character formatted output of a stdarg argument list
vfwscanf.3cSee fwscanf.3c
vgrind.1grind nice program listings
vgrindefs.5vgrind's language definition data base
vhangup.2virtually "hangup" the current controlling terminal
vi.1screen-oriented (visual) display editor based on ex
vidattr.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
vidattr.3xcursesoutput attributes to the terminal
vid_attr.3xcursesSee vidattr.3xcurses
vidputs.3cursesSee curs_terminfo.3curses
vid_puts.3xcursesSee vidattr.3xcurses
vidputs.3xcursesSee vidattr.3xcurses
view.1See vi.1
vipw.1bedit the password file
visual_io.7iSolaris VISUAL I/O control operations
vlfmt.3cdisplay error message in standard format and pass to logging and monitoring services
vline.3xcursesSee hline.3xcurses
vline_set.3xcursesSee hline_set.3xcurses
vmstat.1mreport virtual memory statistics
volcancel.1cancel user's request for removable media that is not currently in drive
volcheck.1checks for media in a drive and by default checks all floppy media
volcopy.1mmake an image copy of file system
volcopy_ufs.1mmake an image copy of a ufs file system
vold.1mVolume Management daemon to manage CD-ROM and floppy, ZIP/JAZ, and DVD-ROM devices
vold.conf.4Volume Management configuration file
volfs.7fsVolume Management file system
volmgt_acquire.3volmgtreserve removable media device
volmgt_check.3volmgthave Volume Management check for media
volmgt_feature_enabled.3volmgtcheck whether specific Volume Management features are enabled
volmgt_inuse.3volmgtcheck whether or not Volume Management is managing a pathname
volmgt_ownspath.3volmgtcheck Volume Management name space for path
volmgt_release.3volmgtrelease removable media device reservation
volmgt_root.3volmgtreturn the Volume Management root directory
volmgt_running.3volmgtreturn whether or not Volume Management is running
volmgt_symdev.3volmgtSee volmgt_symname.3volmgt
volmgt_symname.3volmgtconvert between Volume Management symbolic names, and the devices that correspond to them
volmissing.1notify user that volume requested is not in the CD-ROM or floppy drive
volrmmount.1call rmmount to mount or unmount media
vpfmt.3cdisplay error message in standard format and pass to logging and monitoring services
vplot.1bSee plot.1b
vprintf.3cprint formatted output of a variable argument list
vprintf.3ucbSee printf.3ucb
vscanf.3cSee scanf.3c
vsig.1fsynchronize a co-process with the controlling FMLI application
vsnprintf.3cSee vprintf.3c
vsprintf.3cSee vprintf.3c
vsprintf.3ucbSee printf.3ucb
vsprintf.9fformat characters in memory
vsscanf.3cSee scanf.3c
vswprintf.3cSee vfwprintf.3c
vswscanf.3cSee fwscanf.3c
vsyslog.3clog message with a stdarg argument list
vuid2ps2.7mSee vuidmice.7m
vuid3ps2.7mSee vuidmice.7m
vuidm3p.7mSee vuidmice.7m
vuidm4p.7mSee vuidmice.7m
vuidm5p.7mSee vuidmice.7m
vuidmice.7mconverts mouse protocol to Firm Events
vwprintf.3cSee vfwprintf.3c
vwprintw.3cursesSee curs_printw.3curses
vw_printw.3xcursesprint formatted output in window
vwprintw.3xcursesprint formatted output in window
vwscanf.3cSee fwscanf.3c
vwscanw.3cursesSee curs_scanw.3curses
vw_scanw.3xcursesconvert formatted input from a window
vwscanw.3xcursesconvert formatted input from a window
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