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SunOS man pages Index
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backq.9fget pointer to the queue behind the current queue
banner.1make posters
basename.1bdisplay portions of pathnames
basename.1deliver portions of path names
basename.3creturn the last element of a path name
batch.1See at.1
baudrate.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
baudrate.3xcursesreturn terminal baud rate
bbc_beep.7d Platform-dependent Beep driver for BBC-based hardware.
bc.1arbitrary precision arithmetic language
bcanput.9ftest for flow control in specified priority band
bcanputnext.9fSee canputnext.9f
bcmp.3cSee bstring.3c
bcmp.9fcompare two byte arrays
bcopy.3cSee bstring.3c
bcopy.9fcopy data between address locations in the kernel
bd.7mSunButtons and SunDials STREAMS module
bdconfig.1mconfigures the bd (buttons and dials) stream
bdiff.1big diff
beep.3cursesSee curs_beep.3curses
beep.3xcursesactivate audio-visual alarm
ber_alloc.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_alloc_t.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_bvdup.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_bvecfree.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_bvfree.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_decode.3ldapBasic Encoding Rules library decoding functions
ber_encode.3ldapsimplified Basic Encoding Rules library encoding functions
ber_first_element.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_flatten.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_free.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_bitstring.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_boolean.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_int.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_next.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_null.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_stringa.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_stringal.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_get_stringb.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_init.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_next_element.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_peek_tag.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_printf.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_bitstring.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_boolean.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_int.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_null.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_ostring.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_seq.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_set.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_put_string.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_scanf.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_skiptag.3ldapSee ber_decode.3ldap
ber_start_seq.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
ber_start_set.3ldapSee ber_encode.3ldap
bfs.1big file scanner
bg.1See jobs.1
bgets.3genread stream up to next delimiter
bgplot.1bSee plot.1b
biff.1bgive notice of incoming mail messages
bind.3socketbind a name to a socket
bind.3xnetbind a name to a socket
bindtextdomain.3cSee gettext.3c
bind_textdomain_codeset.3cSee gettext.3c
bioclone.9fclone another buffer
biodone.9frelease buffer after buffer I/O transfer and notify blocked threads
bioerror.9findicate error in buffer header
biofini.9funinitialize a buffer structure
bioinit.9finitialize a buffer structure
biomodified.9fcheck if a buffer is modified
bioreset.9freuse a private buffer header after I/O is complete
biosize.9freturns size of a buffer structure
biowait.9fsuspend processes pending completion of block I/O
bkgd.3cursesSee curs_bkgd.3curses
bkgd.3xcursesset or get the background character (and rendition) of window
bkgdset.3cursesSee curs_bkgd.3curses
bkgdset.3xcursesSee bkgd.3xcurses
bkgrnd.3xcursesset or get the background character (and rendition) of window using a complex character
bkgrndset.3xcursesSee bkgrnd.3xcurses
boot.1mstart the system kernel or a standalone program
bootparamd.1mSee rpc.bootparamd.1m
bootparams.4boot parameter data base
border.3cursesSee curs_border.3curses
border.3xcursesadd a single-byte border to a window
border_set.3xcursesuse complex characters (and renditions) to draw borders
bottom_panel.3cursesSee panel_top.3curses
box.3cursesSee curs_border.3curses
box.3plotSee plot.3plot
box.3xcursesSee border.3xcurses
box_set.3xcursesSee border_set.3xcurses
bp_mapin.9fallocate virtual address space
bp_mapout.9fdeallocate virtual address space
bpp.7dbi-directional parallel port driver
break.1shell built-in functions to escape from or advance within a controlling while, for, foreach, or until loop
brk.2change the amount of space allocated for the calling process's data segment
bsdmalloc.3mallocmemory allocator
bsd_signal.3csimplified signal facilities
bsearch.3cbinary search a sorted table
bsmconv.1menable or disable the Basic Security Module (BSM) on Solaris
bsmrecord.1mdisplay Basic Security Module (BSM) audit record formats
bsmunconv.1mSee bsmconv.1m
bstring.3cbit and byte string operations
btop.9fconvert size in bytes to size in pages (round down)
btopr.9fconvert size in bytes to size in pages (round up)
btowc.3csingle-byte to wide-character conversion
buf.9sblock I/O data transfer structure
bufcall.9fcall a function when a buffer becomes available
bufmod.7mSTREAMS Buffer Module
bufsplit.3gensplit buffer into fields
busstat.1mreport bus-related performance statistics
bwtwo.7dblack and white memory frame buffer
byteorder.3socketconvert values between host and network byte order
bzero.3cSee bstring.3c
bzero.9fclear memory for a given number of bytes
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