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C++.5See standards.5
C.5See standards.5
cachefsd.1mCacheFS daemon
cachefslog.1mCache File System logging
cachefspack.1mpack files and file systems in the cache
cachefsstat.1mCache File System statistics
cachefswssize.1mdetermine working set size for cachefs
cadp160.7d Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI host bus adapter driver
cadp.7dAdaptec Ultra-2 SCSI host bus adapter driver
cal.1display a calendar
calendar.1reminder service
calloc.3cSee malloc.3c
calloc.3mallocSee malloc.3malloc
callrpc.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
cancel.1cancel print request
cancellation.3throverview of concepts related to POSIX thread cancellation
can_change_color.3cursesSee curs_color.3curses
can_change_color.3xcursesmanipulate color information
canput.9ftest for room in a message queue
canputnext.9ftest for room in next module's message queue
captoinfo.1mconvert a termcap description into a terminfo description
case.1See shell_builtins.1
cat.1concatenate and display files
catclose.3cSee catopen.3c
catgets.3cread a program message
catman.1mcreate the formatted files for the reference manual
catopen.3copen/close a message catalog
cb_ops.9scharacter/block entry points structure
cbreak.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
cbreak.3xcursesset input mode controls
cbrt.3mcube root function
cc.1bC compiler
cd.1change working directory
cdc.1See sccs-cdc.1
cdio.7iCD-ROM control operations
cdrw.1CD read and write
cdtoc.4CD-ROM table of contents file
ce.7dCassini Gigabit-Ethernet device driver
ceil.3mceiling value function
cfgadm.1mconfiguration administration
cfgadm_ac.1mEXX00 memory system administration
cfgadm_pci.1mPCI Hotplug hardware specific commands for cfgadm
cfgadm_sbd.1mPCI Hotplug hardware specific commands for cfgadm
cfgadm_scsi.1mSCSI hardware specific commands for cfgadm
cfgadm_sysctrl.1mEXX00 system board administration
cfgadm_usb.1mUSB hardware-specific commands for cfgadm
cfgetispeed.3cget input and output baud rate
cfgetospeed.3cSee cfgetispeed.3c
cfree.3mallocSee watchmalloc.3malloc
cfsadmin.1madminister disk space used for caching file systems with the Cache File-System (CacheFS)
cfsetispeed.3cset input and output baud rate
cfsetospeed.3cSee cfsetispeed.3c
cftime.3cSee strftime.3c
cg14config.1mconfigure the cgfourteen device
cgeight.7d24-bit color memory frame buffer
cgfour.7dP4-bus 8-bit color memory frame buffer
cgfourteen.7d24-bit color graphics device
cgsix.7daccelerated 8-bit color frame buffer
cgthree.7d8-bit color memory frame buffer
cgtwo.7dcolor graphics interface
chargefee.1mSee acctsh.1m
charmap.5character set description file
chat.1mautomated conversational exchange tool
chdir.1See cd.1
chdir.2change working directory
check.1mSee install_scripts.1m
checkeq.1See eqn.1
check-hostname.1mcheck if sendmail can determine the system's fully-qualified host name
checknr.1check nroff and troff input files; report possible errors
check-permissions.1mcheck permissions on mail rerouting files
chgat.3xcurseschange the rendition of characters in a window
chgrp.1change file group ownership
chkauthattr.3secdbSee getauthattr.3secdb
chkey.1change user's secure RPC key pair
chmod.1change the permissions mode of a file
chmod.2change access permission mode of file
chown.1bchange owner
chown.1mchange owner
chown.1change file ownership
chown.2change owner and group of a file
chpoll.9epoll entry point for a non-STREAMS character driver
chroot.1mchange root directory for a command
chroot.2change root directory
chs.7dIBM ServeRAID PCI host adapter driver
cimworkshop.1mstart the Sun WBEM CIM WorkShop application
circle.3plotSee plot.3plot
ckdate.1prompts for and validates a date
ckgid.1prompts for and validates a group id
ckint.1display a prompt; verify and return an integer value
ckitem.1build a menu; prompt for and return a menu item
ckkeywd.1prompts for and validates a keyword
cklist.high.4See asetmasters.4
cklist.low.4See asetmasters.4 asetmasters.4
ckpacct.1mSee acctsh.1m
ckpath.1display a prompt; verify and return a pathname
ckrange.1prompts for and validates an integer
ckstr.1display a prompt; verify and return a string answer
cksum.1write file checksums and sizes
cktime.1display a prompt; verify and return a time of day
ckuid.1prompts for and validates a user ID
ckyorn.1prompts for and validates yes/no
cldap_close.3ldapdispose of connectionless LDAP pointer
cldap_open.3ldapLDAP connectionless communication preparation
cldap_search_s.3ldapconnectionless LDAP search
cldap_setretryinfo.3ldapset connectionless LDAP request retransmission parameters
clear.1clear the terminal screen
clear.3cursesSee curs_clear.3curses
clear.3xcursesclear a window
clearerr.3cSee ferror.3c
clear_locks.1mclear locks held on behalf of an NFS client
clearok.3cursesSee curs_outopts.3curses
clearok.3xcursesterminal output control functions
clinfo.1mdisplay cluster information
clnt_broadcast.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
clnt_call.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_control.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_create_timed.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_create_vers.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_create_vers_timed.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_destroy.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_dg_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_door_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_freeres.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_geterr.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_pcreateerror.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_perrno.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_perror.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_raw_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clntraw_create.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
clnt_send.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_spcreateerror.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_sperrno.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnt_sperror.3nslSee rpc_clnt_calls.3nsl
clnttcp_create.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
clnt_tli_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_tp_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clnt_tp_create_timed.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clntudp_bufcreate.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
clntudp_create.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
clnt_vc_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_create.3nsl
clock.3creport CPU time used
clock_getres.3rtSee clock_settime.3rt
clock_gettime.3rtSee clock_settime.3rt
clock_settime.3rthigh-resolution clock operations
close.2close a file descriptor
close.9erelinquish access to a device
closedir.3cclose a directory stream
closefrom.3cclose or iterate over open file descriptors
closelog.3cSee syslog.3c
closepl.3plotSee plot.3plot
closevt.3plotSee plot.3plot
closewtmp.1mSee acct.1m
clrbuf.9ferase the contents of a buffer
clri.1mclear inode
clrtobot.3cursesSee curs_clear.3curses
clrtobot.3xcursesclear to the end of a window
clrtoeol.3cursesSee curs_clear.3curses
clrtoeol.3xcursesclear to the end of a line
clustertoc.4cluster table of contents description file
cmdk.7dcommon disk driver
cmn_err.9fdisplay an error message or panic the system
cmp.1compare two files
cocheck.1fSee coproc.1f
cocreate.1fSee coproc.1f
codestroy.1fSee coproc.1f
col.1reverse line-feeds filter
color_content.3cursesSee curs_color.3curses
color_content.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
COLOR_PAIR.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
COLOR_PAIRS.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
COLORS.3xcursesSee can_change_color.3xcurses
color_set.3xcursesSee attr_get.3xcurses
COLS.3xcursesnumber of columns on terminal screen
comb.1See sccs-comb.1
comm.1select or reject lines common to two files
command.1execute a simple command
compile.3genSee regexpr.3gen
compile.5See regexp.5
compress.1compress, uncompress files or display expanded files
compver.4compatible versions file
comsat.1mSee in.comsat.1m
cond_broadcast.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
cond_destroy.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
cond_init.3thrcondition variables
condition.3thrconcepts related to condition variables
cond_reltimedwait.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
cond_signal.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
cond_timedwait.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
condvar.9fcondition variable routines
cond_wait.3thrSee cond_init.3thr
config_admin.3cfgadmconfiguration administration interface
config_ap_id_cmp.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_change_state.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_list.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_list_ext.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_private_func.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_stat.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_strerror.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_test.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
config_unload_libs.3cfgadmSee config_admin.3cfgadm
confstr.3cget configurable variables
connect.3socketinitiate a connection on a socket
connect.3xnetconnect a socket
ConnectToServer.3dmiconnect to a DMI service provider
connld.7mline discipline for unique stream connections
consadm.1mselect or display devices used as auxiliary console devices
console.7dSTREAMS-based console interface
cont.3plotSee plot.3plot
continue.1See break.1
conv_lp.1mconvert LP configuration
conv_lpd.1mconvert LPD configuration
coproc.1fcommunicate with a process
copyb.9fcopy a message block
copyin.9fcopy data from a user program to a driver buffer
copylist.3gencopy a file into memory
copymsg.9fcopy a message
copyout.9fcopy data from a driver to a user program
copyreq.9sSTREAMS data structure for the M_COPYIN and the M_COPYOUT message types
copyresp.9sSTREAMS data structure for the M_IOCDATA message type
copyright.4copyright information file
copysign.3mreturn magnitude of first argument and sign of second argument
copywin.3cursesSee curs_overlay.3curses
copywin.3xcursesoverlay or overwrite any portion of window
core.4process core file
coreadm.1mcore file administration
coreceive.1fSee coproc.1f
cos.3mcosine function
cosend.1fSee coproc.1f
cosh.3mhyperbolic cosine function
cp.1copy files
cpc.3cpchardware performance counters
cpc_access.3cpctest access CPU performance counters
cpc_bind_event.3cpcuse CPU performance counters on lwps
cpc_count_sys_events.3cpcSee cpc_count_usr_events.3cpc
cpc_count_usr_events.3cpcenable and disable performance counters
cpc_event.3cpcdata structure to describe CPU performance counters
cpc_event_accum.3cpcSee cpc_event_diff.3cpc
cpc_event_diff.3cpcsimple difference and accumulate operations
cpc_eventtostr.3cpcSee cpc_strtoevent.3cpc
cpc_getcciname.3cpcSee cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
cpc_getcpuref.3cpcSee cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
cpc_getcpuver.3cpcdetermine CPU performance counter configuration
cpc_getnpic.3cpcSee cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
cpc_getusage.3cpcSee cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
cpc_pctx_bind_event.3cpcaccess CPU performance counters in other processes
cpc_pctx_invalidate.3cpcSee cpc_pctx_bind_event.3cpc
cpc_pctx_rele.3cpcSee cpc_pctx_bind_event.3cpc
cpc_pctx_take_sample.3cpcSee cpc_pctx_bind_event.3cpc
cpc_rele.3cpcSee cpc_bind_event.3cpc
cpc_seterrfn.3cpccontrol libcpc error reporting
cpc_shared_bind_event.3cpcSee cpc_shared_open.3cpc
cpc_shared_close.3cpcSee cpc_shared_open.3cpc
cpc_shared_open.3cpcuse CPU performance counters on processors
cpc_shared_rele.3cpcSee cpc_shared_open.3cpc
cpc_shared_take_sample.3cpcSee cpc_shared_open.3cpc
cpc_strtoevent.3cpctranslate strings to and from events
cpc_take_sample.3cpcSee cpc_bind_event.3cpc
cpc_version.3cpccoordinate CPC library and application versions
cpc_walk_names.3cpcSee cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
cpio.1copy file archives in and out
cplus_demangle.3extSee demangle.3ext
cpp.1the C language preprocessor
cpr.7Suspend and resume module
cpustat.1mmonitor system behavior using CPU performance counters
cputrack.1monitor process and LWP behavior using CPU performance counters
creat.2create a new file or rewrite an existing one
crle.1configure runtime linking environment
cron.1mclock daemon
crontab.1user crontab file
crtplot.1bSee plot.1b
crypt.1encode or decode a file
crypt.3cstring encoding function
cset.3cget information on EUC codesets
csetcol.3cSee cset.3c
csetlen.3cSee cset.3c
csetno.3cSee cset.3c
csh.1shell command interpreter with a C-like syntax
CSI.5See attributes.5
csplit.1split files based on context
csx_AccessConfigurationRegister.9fread or write a PC Card Configuration Register
csx_ConvertSize.9fconvert device sizes
csx_ConvertSpeed.9fconvert device speeds
csx_CS_DDI_Info.9fobtain DDI information
csx_DeregisterClient.9fremove client from Card Services list
csx_DupHandle.9fduplicate access handle
csx_Error2Text.9fconvert error return codes to text strings
csx_Event2Text.9fconvert events to text strings
csx_event_handler.9ePC Card driver event handler
csx_FreeHandle.9ffree access handle
csx_Get16.9fSee csx_Get8.9f
csx_Get32.9fSee csx_Get8.9f
csx_Get64.9fSee csx_Get8.9f
csx_Get8.9fread data from device address
csx_GetEventMask.9fSee csx_SetEventMask.9f
csx_GetFirstClient.9freturn first or next client
csx_GetFirstTuple.9freturn Card Information Structure tuple
csx_GetHandleOffset.9freturn current access handle offset
csx_GetMappedAddr.9freturn mapped virtual address
csx_GetNextClient.9fSee csx_GetFirstClient.9f
csx_GetNextTuple.9fSee csx_GetFirstTuple.9f
csx_GetStatus.9freturn the current status of a PC Card and its socket
csx_GetTupleData.9freturn the data portion of a tuple
csx_MakeDeviceNode.9fcreate and remove minor nodes on behalf of the client
csx_MapLogSocket.9freturn the physical socket number associated with the client handle
csx_MapMemPage.9fmap the memory area on a PC Card
csx_ModifyConfiguration.9fmodify socket and PC Card Configuration Register
csx_ModifyWindow.9fmodify window attributes
csx_Parse_CISTPL_BATTERY.9fparse the Battery Replacement Date tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_BYTEORDER.9fparse the Byte Order tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_CFTABLE_ENTRY.9fparse 16-bit Card Configuration Table Entry tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_CONFIG.9fparse Configuration tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DATE.9fparse the Card Initialization Date tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE.9fparse Device Information tuples
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_A.9fSee csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE.9f
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICEGEO.9fparse the Device Geo tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICEGEO_A.9fparse the Device Geo A tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_OA.9fSee csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE.9f
csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE_OC.9fSee csx_Parse_CISTPL_DEVICE.9f
csx_Parse_CISTPL_FORMAT.9fparse the Data Recording Format tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_FUNCE.9fparse Function Extension tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_FUNCID.9fparse Function Identification tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_GEOMETRY.9fparse the Geometry tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_A.9fSee csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_C.9f
csx_Parse_CISTPL_JEDEC_C.9fparse JEDEC Identifier tuples
csx_Parse_CISTPL_LINKTARGET.9fparse the Link Target tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_A.9fparse the Long Link A and C tuples
csx_Parse_CISTPL_LONGLINK_MFC.9fparse the Multi-Function tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_MANFID.9fparse Manufacturer Identification tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_ORG.9fparse the Data Organization tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_SPCL.9fparse the Special Purpose tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_SWIL.9fparse the Software Interleaving tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_1.9fparse Level-1 Version/Product Information tuple
csx_Parse_CISTPL_VERS_2.9fparse Level-2 Version and Information tuple
csx_ParseTuple.9fgeneric tuple parser
csx_Put16.9fSee csx_Put8.9f
csx_Put32.9fSee csx_Put8.9f
csx_Put64.9fSee csx_Put8.9f
csx_Put8.9fwrite to device register
csx_RegisterClient.9fregister a client
csx_ReleaseConfiguration.9frelease PC Card and socket configuration
csx_ReleaseIO.9fSee csx_RequestIO.9f
csx_ReleaseIRQ.9fSee csx_RequestIRQ.9f
csx_ReleaseSocketMask.9fSee csx_RequestSocketMask.9f
csx_ReleaseWindow.9fSee csx_RequestWindow.9f
csx_RemoveDeviceNode.9fSee csx_MakeDeviceNode.9f
csx_RepGet16.9fSee csx_RepGet8.9f
csx_RepGet32.9fSee csx_RepGet8.9f
csx_RepGet64.9fSee csx_RepGet8.9f
csx_RepGet8.9fread repetitively from the device register
csx_RepPut16.9fSee csx_RepPut8.9f
csx_RepPut32.9fSee csx_RepPut8.9f
csx_RepPut64.9fSee csx_RepPut8.9f
csx_RepPut8.9fwrite repetitively to the device register
csx_RequestConfiguration.9fconfigure the PC Card and socket
csx_RequestIO.9frequest or release I/O resources for the client
csx_RequestIRQ.9frequest or release IRQ resource
csx_RequestSocketMask.9fset or clear the client's client event mask
csx_RequestWindow.9frequest or release window resources
csx_ResetFunction.9freset a function on a PC card
csx_SetEventMask.9fset or return the client event mask for the client
csx_SetHandleOffset.9fset current access handle offset
csx_ValidateCIS.9fvalidate the Card Information Structure (CIS)
ct.1cspawn login to a remote terminal
ctags.1create a tags file for use with ex and vi
ctermid.3cgenerate path name for controlling terminal
ctermid_r.3cSee ctermid.3c
ctime.3cconvert date and time to string
ctime_r.3cSee ctime.3c
ctype.3ccharacter handling
cu.1ccall another UNIX system
current_field.3cursesSee form_page.3curses
current_item.3cursesSee menu_item_current.3curses
curs_addch.3cursesadd a character (with attributes) to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addchstr.3cursesadd string of characters and attributes to a curses window
curs_addstr.3cursesadd a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addwch.3cursesadd a wchar_t character (with attributes) to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_addwchstr.3cursesadd string of wchar_t characters (and attributes) to a curses window
curs_addwstr.3cursesadd a string of wchar_t characters to a curses window and advance cursor
curs_alecompat.3cursesthese functions are added to ALE curses library for moving the cursor by character.
curs_attr.3cursescurses character and window attribute control routines
curs_beep.3cursescurses bell and screen flash routines
curs_bkgd.3cursescurses window background manipulation routines
curs_border.3cursescreate curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines
curs_clear.3cursesclear all or part of a curses window
curs_color.3cursescurses color manipulation routines
curscr.3xcursescurrent window
curs_delch.3cursesdelete character under cursor in a curses window
curs_deleteln.3cursesdelete and insert lines in a curses window
curses.3cursesCRT screen handling and optimization package
curses.3xcursesintroduction and overview of X/Open Curses
curs_getch.3cursesget (or push back) characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getstr.3cursesget character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getwch.3cursesget (or push back) wchar_t characters from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getwstr.3cursesget wchar_t character strings from curses terminal keyboard
curs_getyx.3cursesget curses cursor and window coordinates
curs_inch.3cursesget a character and its attributes from a curses window
curs_inchstr.3cursesget a string of characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_initscr.3cursescurses screen initialization and manipulation routines
curs_inopts.3cursescurses terminal input option control routines
curs_insch.3cursesinsert a character before the character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_insstr.3cursesinsert string before character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_instr.3cursesget a string of characters from a curses window
curs_inswch.3cursesinsert a wchar_t character before the character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_inswstr.3cursesinsert wchar_t string before character under the cursor in a curses window
curs_inwch.3cursesget a wchar_t character and its attributes from a curses window
curs_inwchstr.3cursesget a string of wchar_t characters (and attributes) from a curses window
curs_inwstr.3cursesget a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window
curs_kernel.3curseslow-level curses routines
curs_move.3cursesmove curses window cursor
curs_outopts.3cursescurses terminal output option control routines
curs_overlay.3cursesoverlap and manipulate overlapped curses windows
curs_pad.3cursescreate and display curses pads
curs_printw.3cursesprint formatted output in curses windows
curs_refresh.3cursesrefresh curses windows and lines
curs_scanw.3cursesconvert formatted input from a curses widow
curs_scr_dump.3cursesread (write) a curses screen from (to) a file
curs_scroll.3cursesscroll a curses window
curs_set.3cursesSee curs_kernel.3curses
curs_set.3xcursesset visibility of cursor
curs_slk.3cursescurses soft label routines
curs_termattrs.3cursescurses environment query routines
curs_termcap.3cursescurses interfaces (emulated) to the termcap library
curs_terminfo.3cursescurses interfaces to terminfo database
curs_touch.3cursescurses refresh control routines
curs_util.3cursescurses miscellaneous utility routines
curs_window.3cursescreate curses windows
cur_term.3xcursescurrent terminal information
cuserid.3cget character login name of the user
cut.1cut out selected fields of each line of a file
cv_broadcast.9fSee condvar.9f
cvc.7dvirtual console driver
cvcd.1mvirtual console daemon
cvcredir.7dvirtual console redirection driver
cv_destroy.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_init.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_signal.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_timedwait.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_timedwait_sig.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_wait.9fSee condvar.9f
cv_wait_sig.9fSee condvar.9f
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