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kadb.1ma kernel debugger
kadm5.acl.4Kerberos access control list (ACL) file
kadmin.1mKerberos database administration program
kadmind.1mKerberos administration daemon
kadmin.local.1mSee kadmin.1m
kb.7mkeyboard STREAMS module
kbd.1 manipulate the state of keyboard, or display the type of keyboard, or change the default keyboard abort sequence effect
kdb5_util.1mKerberos Database maintenance utility
kdc.conf.4Key Distribution Center (KDC) configuration file
kdestroy.1destroy Kerberos tickets
kdmconfig.1mconfigure or unconfigure keyboard, display, and mouse options for OpenWindows and internationalization
kdmouse.7dbuilt-in mouse device interface
kernel.1mUNIX system executable file containing basic operating system services
key_decryptsession.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
key_encryptsession.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
key_gendes.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
keylogin.1decrypt and store secret key with keyserv
keylogout.1delete stored secret key with keyserv
keyname.3cursesSee curs_util.3curses
keyname.3xcursesreturn character string used as key name
key_name.3xcursesSee keyname.3xcurses
keypad.3cursesSee curs_inopts.3curses
keypad.3xcursesenable/disable keypad handling
key_secretkey_is_set.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
keyserv.1mserver for storing private encryption keys
key_setsecret.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
keytables.4keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys
kill.1terminate or signal processes
kill.2send a signal to a process or a group of processes
killall.1mkill all active processes
killchar.3cursesSee curs_termattrs.3curses
killchar.3xcursesSee erasechar.3xcurses
killpg.3csend signal to a process group
killwchar.3xcursesSee erasechar.3xcurses
kinit.1obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket
klist.1list currently held Kerberos tickets
kmem.7dSee mem.7d
kmem_alloc.9fallocate kernel memory
kmem_free.9fSee kmem_alloc.9f
kmem_zalloc.9fSee kmem_alloc.9f
kpasswd.1change a user's Kerberos password
kprop.1mKerberos database propagation program
krb5.conf.4Kerberos configuration file
krb5kdc.1mKDC daemon
ksh.1KornShell, a standard/restricted command and programming language
ks_snapshot.9etake a snapshot of kstat data
kstat.1mdisplay kernel statistics
kstat.3extPerl tied hash interface to the kstat facility
kstat.3kstatkernel statistics facility
kstat.7dkernel statistics driver
kstat.9skernel statistics structure
kstat_chain_update.3kstatupdate the kstat header chain
kstat_close.3kstatSee kstat_open.3kstat
kstat_create.9fcreate and initialize a new kstat
kstat_data_lookup.3kstatSee kstat_lookup.3kstat
kstat_delete.9fremove a kstat from the system
kstat_install.9fadd a fully initialized kstat to the system
kstat_intr.9sstructure for interrupt kstats
kstat_io.9sstructure for I/O kstats
kstat_lookup.3kstatfind a kstat by name
kstat_named.9sstructure for named kstats
kstat_named_init.9finitialize a named kstat
kstat_named_setstr.9fSee kstat_named_init.9f
kstat_open.3kstatinitialize kernel statistics facility
kstat_queue.9fupdate I/O kstat statistics
kstat_read.3kstatread or write kstat data
kstat_runq_back_to_waitq.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_runq_enter.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_runq_exit.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_waitq_enter.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_waitq_exit.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_waitq_to_runq.9fSee kstat_queue.9f
kstat_write.3kstatSee kstat_read.3kstat
ks_update.9edynamically update kstats
ksyms.7dkernel symbols
ktkt_warnd.1mKerberos warning daemon
ktutil.1Kerberos keytab maintenance utility
kva_match.3secdblook up a key in a key-value array
kvm_close.3kvmSee kvm_open.3kvm
kvm_getcmd.3kvmSee kvm_getu.3kvm
kvm_getproc.3kvmSee kvm_nextproc.3kvm
kvm_getu.3kvmget the u-area or invocation arguments for a process
kvm_kread.3kvmSee kvm_read.3kvm
kvm_kwrite.3kvmSee kvm_read.3kvm
kvm_nextproc.3kvmread system process structures
kvm_nlist.3kvmget entries from kernel symbol table
kvm_open.3kvmspecify a kernel to examine
kvm_read.3kvmcopy data to or from a kernel image or running system
kvm_setproc.3kvmSee kvm_nextproc.3kvm
kvm_uread.3kvmSee kvm_read.3kvm
kvm_uwrite.3kvmSee kvm_read.3kvm
kvm_write.3kvmSee kvm_read.3kvm
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