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gai_strerror.3socketSee getaddrinfo.3socket
gamma.3mSee lgamma.3m
gamma_r.3mSee lgamma.3m
gconvert.3cSee econvert.3c
gcore.1get core images of running processes
gcvt.3cSee ecvt.3c
ge.7dGEM Gigabit-Ethernet device driver
gelf.3elfgeneric class-independent ELF interface
gelf_checksum.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_fsize.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getclass.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getdyn.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getehdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getphdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getrel.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getrela.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getshdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getsym.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_getsyminfo.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_newehdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_newphdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_dyn.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_ehdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_phdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_rel.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_rela.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_shdr.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_sym.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_update_syminfo.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_xlatetof.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gelf_xslatetom.3elfSee gelf.3elf
gencat.1generate a formatted message catalog
geniconvtbl.1generate iconv code conversion tables
geniconvtbl.4geniconvtbl input file format
genlayouttbl.1generate layout table for complex text layout
genmsg.1generate a message source file by extracting messages from source files
get.1See sccs-get.1
getacct.2get, put, or write extended accounting data
getacdir.3bsmSee getacinfo.3bsm
getacflg.3bsmSee getacinfo.3bsm
getacinfo.3bsmget audit control file information
getacmin.3bsmSee getacinfo.3bsm
getacna.3bsmSee getacinfo.3bsm
getaddrinfo.3sockettranslate between node name and address
getauclassent.3bsmget audit_class entry
getauclassent_r.3bsmSee getauclassent.3bsm
getauclassnam.3bsmSee getauclassent.3bsm
getauclassnam_r.3bsmSee getauclassent.3bsm
getaudit.2get and set process audit information
getaudit_addr.2See getaudit.2
getauditflags.3bsmconvert audit flag specifications
getauditflagsbin.3bsmSee getauditflags.3bsm
getauditflagschar.3bsmSee getauditflags.3bsm
getauevent.3bsmget audit_event entry
getauevent_r.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauevnam.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauevnam_r.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauevnonam.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauevnum.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauevnum_r.3bsmSee getauevent.3bsm
getauid.2get and set user audit identity
getauthattr.3secdbget authorization entry
getauthnam.3secdbSee getauthattr.3secdb
getauuserent.3bsmSee getauusernam.3bsm
getauusernam.3bsmget audit_user entry
getbegyx.3cursesSee curs_getyx.3curses
getbegyx.3xcursesget cursor or window coordinates
getbkgd.3xcursesSee bkgd.3xcurses
getbkgrnd.3xcursesSee bkgrnd.3xcurses
getc.3cSee fgetc.3c
getcchar.3xcursesget a wide character string (with rendition) from a cchar_t
getch.3cursesSee curs_getch.3curses
getch.3xcursesget a single-byte character from the terminal
getchar.3cSee fgetc.3c
getchar_unlocked.3cSee fgetc.3c
getconf.1get configuration values
getcontext.2get and set current user context
getcpuid.3cobtain information on scheduling decisions
getc_unlocked.3cSee fgetc.3c
getcwd.3cget pathname of current working directory
getdate.3cconvert user format date and time
getddent.3bsmget device_deallocate entry
getddnam.3bsmSee getddent.3bsm
getdefaultproj.3projectSee getprojent.3project
getdents.2read directory entries and put in a file system independent format
getdev.1mlists devices based on criteria
getdgrp.1mlists device groups which contain devices that match criteria
getdmapent.3bsmget device_maps entry
getdmapnam.3bsmSee getdmapent.3bsm
getdmaptdev.3bsmSee getdmapent.3bsm
getdmaptype.3bsmSee getdmapent.3bsm
getdtablesize.3cget the file descriptor table size
getegid.2See getuid.2
getent.1mget entries from administrative database
getenv.3creturn value for environment name
geterror.9freturn I/O error
geteuid.2See getuid.2
getexecattr.3secdbget execution profile entry
getexecname.3creturn pathname of executable
getexecprof.3secdbSee getexecattr.3secdb
getexecuser.3secdbSee getexecattr.3secdb
getextmntent.3cSee getmntent.3c
getfacl.1display discretionary file information
getfauditflags.3bsmgenerates the process audit state
getfrm.1freturns the current frameID number
getgid.2See getuid.2
getgrent.3cSee getgrnam.3c
getgrent_r.3cSee getgrnam.3c
getgrgid.3cSee getgrnam.3c
getgrgid_r.3cSee getgrnam.3c
getgrnam.3cgroup database entry functions
getgrnam_r.3cSee getgrnam.3c
getgroups.2get or set supplementary group access list IDs
gethomelgroup.3cSee getcpuid.3c
gethostbyaddr.3nslSee gethostbyname.3nsl
gethostbyaddr.3xnetSee endhostent.3xnet
gethostbyaddr_r.3nslSee gethostbyname.3nsl
gethostbyname.3nslget network host entry
gethostbyname.3xnetSee endhostent.3xnet
gethostbyname_r.3nslSee gethostbyname.3nsl
gethostent.3nslSee gethostbyname.3nsl
gethostent.3xnetSee endhostent.3xnet
gethostent_r.3nslSee gethostbyname.3nsl
gethostid.3cget an identifier for the current host
gethostname.3cget or set name of current host
gethostname.3xnetget name of current host
gethrtime.3cget high resolution time
gethrtime.9fget high resolution time
gethrvtime.3cSee gethrtime.3c
getinfo.9eget device driver information
getipnodebyaddr.3socketSee getipnodebyname.3socket
getipnodebyname.3socketget IP node entry
getitems.1freturns a list of currently marked menu items
getitimer.2get or set value of interval timer
getloadavg.3cget system load averages
getlogin.3cget login name
getlogin_r.3cSee getlogin.3c
getmajor.9fget major device number
getmaxyx.3cursesSee curs_getyx.3curses
getmaxyx.3xcursesSee getbegyx.3xcurses
getminor.9fget minor device number
getmntany.3cSee getmntent.3c
getmntent.3cget mounted device information
getmsg.2get next message off a stream
get_myaddress.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
getnameinfo.3socketSee getaddrinfo.3socket
getnetbyaddr.3socketSee getnetbyname.3socket
getnetbyaddr.3xnetSee endnetent.3xnet
getnetbyaddr_r.3socketSee getnetbyname.3socket
getnetbyname.3socketget network entry
getnetbyname.3xnetSee endnetent.3xnet
getnetbyname_r.3socketSee getnetbyname.3socket
getnetconfig.3nslget network configuration database entry
getnetconfigent.3nslSee getnetconfig.3nsl
getnetent.3socketSee getnetbyname.3socket
getnetent.3xnetSee endnetent.3xnet
getnetent_r.3socketSee getnetbyname.3socket
getnetgrent.3cget network group entry
getnetgrent_r.3cSee getnetgrent.3c
getnetname.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
getnetpath.3nslget /etc/netconfig entry corresponding to NETPATH component
getnstr.3xcursesget a multibyte character string from terminal
getnwstr.3cursesSee curs_getwstr.3curses
getn_wstr.3xcursesget a wide character string from terminal
getopt.1parse command options
getopt.3cget option letter from argument vector
getoptcvt.1convert to getopts to parse command options
getopts.1parse utility options
getpagesize.3cget system page size
getpagesizes.3cget system supported page sizes
getparyx.3cursesSee curs_getyx.3curses
getparyx.3xcursesSee getbegyx.3xcurses
getpass.3cread a string of characters without echo
getpassphrase.3cSee getpass.3c
getpeername.3socketget name of connected peer
getpeername.3xnetget the name of the peer socket
getpgid.2See getpid.2
getpgrp.2See getpid.2
getpid.2get process, process group, and parent process IDs
get_pktiopb.9fallocate/free a SCSI packet in the iopb map
getpmsg.2See getmsg.2
getppid.2See getpid.2
getpriority.3cget or set process scheduling priority
getprofattr.3secdbget profile description and attributes
getproflist.3secdbSee getprofattr.3secdb
getprofnam.3secdbSee getprofattr.3secdb
getprojbyid.3projectSee getprojent.3project
getprojbyname.3projectSee getprojent.3project
getprojent.3projectproject database entry functions
getprojid.2See settaskid.2
getprojidbyname.3projectSee getprojent.3project
getprotobyname.3socketget protocol entry
getprotobyname.3xnetSee endprotoent.3xnet
getprotobyname_r.3socketSee getprotobyname.3socket
getprotobynumber.3socketSee getprotobyname.3socket
getprotobynumber.3xnetSee endprotoent.3xnet
getprotobynumber_r.3socketSee getprotobyname.3socket
getprotoent.3socketSee getprotobyname.3socket
getprotoent.3xnetSee endprotoent.3xnet
getprotoent_r.3socketSee getprotobyname.3socket
getpublickey.3nslretrieve public or secret key
getpw.3cget passwd entry from UID
getpwent.3cSee getpwnam.3c
getpwent_r.3cSee getpwnam.3c
getpwnam.3cget password entry
getpwnam_r.3cSee getpwnam.3c
getpwuid.3cSee getpwnam.3c
getpwuid_r.3cSee getpwnam.3c
getq.9fget the next message from a queue
getrbuf.9fget a raw buffer header
getrctl.2See setrctl.2
getrlimit.2control maximum system resource consumption
getrpcbyname.3nslget RPC entry
getrpcbyname_r.3nslSee getrpcbyname.3nsl
getrpcbynumber.3nslSee getrpcbyname.3nsl
getrpcbynumber_r.3nslSee getrpcbyname.3nsl
getrpcent.3nslSee getrpcbyname.3nsl
getrpcent_r.3nslSee getrpcbyname.3nsl
getrpcport.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
getrusage.3cget information about resource utilization
gets.3cget a string from a stream
getsecretkey.3nslSee getpublickey.3nsl
getservbyname.3socketget service entry
getservbyname.3xnetSee endservent.3xnet
getservbyname_r.3socketSee getservbyname.3socket
getservbyport.3socketSee getservbyname.3socket
getservbyport.3xnetSee endservent.3xnet
getservbyport_r.3socketSee getservbyname.3socket
getservent.3socketSee getservbyname.3socket
getservent.3xnetSee endservent.3xnet
getservent_r.3socketSee getservbyname.3socket
getsid.2get process group ID of session leader
getsockname.3socketget socket name
getsockname.3xnetget the socket name
getsockopt.3socketget and set options on sockets
getsockopt.3xnetget the socket options
getspent.3cSee getspnam.3c
getspent_r.3cSee getspnam.3c
getspnam.3cget password entry
getspnam_r.3cSee getspnam.3c
getstr.3cursesSee curs_getstr.3curses
getstr.3xcursesSee getnstr.3xcurses
getsubopt.3cparse suboptions from a string
getsyx.3cursesSee curs_kernel.3curses
gettable.1mget DoD Internet format host table from a host
gettaskid.2See settaskid.2
gettext.1retrieve text string from message database
gettext.3cmessage handling functions
gettimeofday.3cget or set the date and time
gettimeofday.3ucbget or set the date and time
gettxt.1retrieve a text string from a message database
gettxt.3cretrieve a text string
getty.1mset terminal type, modes, speed, and line discipline
getuid.2get real user, effective user, real group, and effective group IDs
getuserattr.3secdbget user_attr entry
getusernam.3secdbSee getuserattr.3secdb
getusershell.3cget legal user shells
getuseruid.3secdbSee getuserattr.3secdb
getutent.3cuser accounting database functions
getutid.3cSee getutent.3c
getutline.3cSee getutent.3c
getutmp.3cSee getutxent.3c
getutmpx.3cSee getutxent.3c
getutxent.3cuser accounting database functions
getutxid.3cSee getutxent.3c
getutxline.3cSee getutxent.3c
getvfsany.3cSee getvfsent.3c
getvfsent.3cget vfstab file entry
getvfsfile.3cSee getvfsent.3c
getvfsspec.3cSee getvfsent.3c
getvol.1mverifies device accessibility
getw.3cSee fgetc.3c
getwc.3cget wide character from a stream
getwch.3cursesSee curs_getwch.3curses
get_wch.3xcursesget a wide character from terminal
getwchar.3cget wide character from stdin stream
getwd.3cget current working directory pathname
getwidth.3cget codeset information
getwin.3cursesSee curs_util.3curses
getwin.3xcursesread a window from, and write a window to, a file
getws.3cget a wide-character string from a stream
getwstr.3cursesSee curs_getwstr.3curses
get_wstr.3xcursesSee getn_wstr.3xcurses
getyx.3cursesSee curs_getyx.3curses
getyx.3xcursesSee getbegyx.3xcurses
GFXconfig.1mSee pgxconfig.1m
gigiplot.1bSee plot.1b
gkadmin.1mKerberos database administration GUI, SEAM Administration Tool
gld.7dGeneric LAN Driver
gld.9eGeneric LAN Driver entry points
gld.9fGeneric LAN Driver service routines
gld_intr.9fSee gld.9f
gld_mac_alloc.9fSee gld.9f
gld_mac_free.9fSee gld.9f
gld_mac_info.9sGeneric LAN Driver MAC info data structure
gldm_get_stats.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_intr.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_ioctl.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_reset.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_send.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_set_mac_addr.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_set_multicast.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_set_promiscuous.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_start.9eSee gld.9e
gldm_stop.9eSee gld.9e
gld_recv.9fSee gld.9f
gld_register.9fSee gld.9f
gld_sched.9fSee gld.9f
gld_stats.9sGeneric LAN Driver statistics data structure
gld_unregister.9fSee gld.9f
glm.7dGLM SCSI Host Bus Adapter Driver
glob.1shell built-in function to expand a word list
glob.3cgenerate path names matching a pattern
globfree.3cSee glob.3c
gmatch.3genshell global pattern matching
gmtime.3cSee ctime.3c
gmtime_r.3cSee ctime.3c
goto.1See exit.1
gpio_87317.7dGeneral purpose I/O driver for SuperIO
gprof.1display call-graph profile data
grantpt.3cgrant access to the slave pseudo-terminal device
graph.1draw a graph
grbeep.7d Platform-dependent beep driver for SMBus-based hardware
grep.1search a file for a pattern
group.4group file
groupadd.1madd (create) a new group definition on the system
groupdel.1mdelete a group definition from the system
groupmod.1mmodify a group definition on the system
groups.1bdisplay a user's group memberships
groups.1print group membership of user
growfs.1mnon-destructively expand a UFS file system
grpck.1bcheck group database entries
grpck.1mSee pwck.1m
gsignal.3cSee ssignal.3c
gss_accept_sec_context.3gssaccept a security context initiated by a peer application
gss_acquire_cred.3gssacquire a handle for a pre-existing credential by name
gss_add_cred.3gssadd a credential-element to a credential
gss_add_oid_set_member.3gssadd an object identifier to an object identifier set
gss_canonicalize_name.3gssconvert an internal name to a mechanism name
gss_compare_name.3gsscompare two internal-form names
gss_context_time.3gssdetermine how long a context will remain valid
gss_create_empty_oid_set.3gsscreate an object-identifier set containing no object identifiers
gsscred.1madd, remove and list gsscred table entries
gssd.1mgenerates and validates GSS-API tokens for kernel RPC
gss_delete_sec_context.3gssdelete a GSS-API security context
gss_display_name.3gssconvert internal-form name to text
gss_display_status.3gssconvert a GSS-API status code to text
gss_duplicate_name.3gsscreate a copy of an internal name
gss_export_name.3gssconvert a mechanism name to export form
gss_export_sec_context.3gsstransfer a security context to another process
gss_get_mic.3gsscalculate a cryptographic message
gss_import_name.3gssconvert a contiguous string name to GSS_API internal format
gss_import_sec_context.3gssimport security context established by another process
gss_indicate_mechs.3gssdetermine available security mechanisms
gss_init_sec_context.3gssinitiate a GSS-API security context with a peer application
gss_inquire_context.3gssobtain information about a security context
gss_inquire_cred.3gssobtain information about a credential
gss_inquire_cred_by_mech.3gssobtain per-mechanism information about a credential
gss_inquire_mechs_for_name.3gsslist mechanisms that support the specified name-type
gss_inquire_names_for_mech.3gsslist the name-types supported by the specified mechanism
gss_oid_to_str.3gssconvert an OID to a string
gss_process_context_token.3gsspass asynchronous token to security service
gss_release_buffer.3gssfree buffer storage allocated by a GSS-API function
gss_release_cred.3gssdiscard a credential handle
gss_release_name.3gssdiscard an internal-form name
gss_release_oid.3gssrelease an object identifier
gss_release_oid_set.3gssfree storage associated with a GSS-API-generated gss_OID_set object
gss_str_to_oid.3gssconvert a string to an OID
gss_test_oid_set_member.3gssinterrogate an object identifier set
gss_unwrap.3gssverify a message with attached cryptographic message
gss_verify_mic.3gssverify integrity of a received message
gss_wrap.3gssattach a cryptographic message
gss_wrap_size_limit.3gssallow application to determine maximum message size with resulting output token of a specified maximum size
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