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SunOS man pages Index
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a64l.3cconvert between long integer and base-64 ASCII string
abort.3cterminate the process abnormally
abs.3creturn absolute value of integer
accept.1maccept or reject print requests
accept.3socketaccept a connection on a socket
accept.3xnetaccept a new connection on a socket
access.2determine accessibility of a file
acct.1moverview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands
acct.2enable or disable process accounting
acct.3headper-process accounting file format
acctadm.1mconfigure extended accounting facility
acctcms.1mcommand summary from process accounting records
acctcom.1search and print process accounting files
acctcon1.1mSee acctcon.1m
acctcon.1mconnect-time accounting
acctcon2.1mSee acctcon.1m
acctdisk.1mSee acct.1m
acctdusg.1mSee acct.1m
acctmerg.1mmerge or add total accounting files
accton.1mSee acct.1m
acctprc1.1mSee acctprc.1m
acctprc.1mprocess accounting
acctprc2.1mSee acctprc.1m
acctsh.1mshell procedures for accounting
acctwtmp.1mSee acct.1m
acl.2get or set a file's Access Control List (ACL)
aclcheck.3seccheck the validity of an ACL
aclfrommode.3secSee acltomode.3sec
aclfromtext.3secSee acltotext.3sec
aclsort.3secsort an ACL
acltomode.3secconvert an ACL to or from permission bits
acltotext.3secconvert internal representation to or from external representation
acos.3marc cosine function
acosh.3minverse hyperbolic functions
adb.1general-purpose debugger
adbgen.1mgenerate adb script
addbadsec.1mmap out defective disk blocks
addbib.1create or extend a bibliographic database
addch.3cursesSee curs_addch.3curses
addch.3xcursesadd a character (with rendition) to a window
addchnstr.3cursesSee curs_addchstr.3curses
addchnstr.3xcursesSee addchstr.3xcurses
addchstr.3cursesSee curs_addchstr.3curses
addchstr.3xcursescopy a character string (with renditions) to a window
add_drv.1madd a new device driver to the system
add_install_client.1mSee install_scripts.1m
addnstr.3cursesSee curs_addstr.3curses
addnstr.3xcursesadd a multi-byte character string (without rendition) to a window
addnwstr.3cursesSee curs_addwstr.3curses
addnwstr.3xcursesadd a wide-character string to a window
addresses.4See aliases.4
addsev.3cdefine additional severities
addseverity.3cbuild a list of severity levels for an application for use with fmtmsg
addstr.3cursesSee curs_addstr.3curses
addstr.3xcursesSee addnstr.3xcurses
add_to_install_server.1mSee install_scripts.1m
addwch.3cursesSee curs_addwch.3curses
add_wch.3xcursesadd a complex character (with rendition) to a window
addwchnstr.3cursesSee curs_addwchstr.3curses
add_wchnstr.3xcursescopy a string of complex characters (with renditions) to a window
addwchstr.3cursesSee curs_addwchstr.3curses
add_wchstr.3xcursesSee add_wchnstr.3xcurses
addwstr.3cursesSee curs_addwstr.3curses
addwstr.3xcursesSee addnwstr.3xcurses
adjcurspos.3cursesSee curs_alecompat.3curses
adjmsg.9ftrim bytes from a message
adjtime.2correct the time to allow synchronization of the system clock
admin.1See sccs-admin.1
admin.4installation defaults file
admintool.1msystem administration with a graphical user interface
adp.7dLow-level module for controllers based on Adaptec AIC-7870P and AIC-7880P SCSI chips
advance.3genSee regexpr.3gen
advance.5See regexp.5
aedplot.1bSee plot.1b
afb.7dElite3D graphics accelerator driver
afbconfig.1mconfigure the AFB Graphics Accelerator
AH.7pSee ipsecah.7p
aio.3headasynchronous input and output
aiocancel.3aiocancel an asynchronous operation
aio_cancel.3rtcancel asynchronous I/O request
aio_error.3rtretrieve errors status for an asynchronous I/O operation
aio_fsync.3rtasynchronous file synchronization
aioread.3aioread or write asynchronous I/O operations
aio_read.3rtasynchronous read from a file
aio_req.9sasynchronous I/O request structure
aio_return.3rtretrieve return status of an asynchronous I/O operation
aio_suspend.3rtwait for asynchronous I/O request
aiowait.3aiowait for completion of asynchronous I/O operation
aio_waitn.3rtwait for completion of asynchronous I/O operations
aiowrite.3aioSee aioread.3aio
aio_write.3rtasynchronous write to a file
alarm.2schedule an alarm signal
alias.1create or remove a pseudonym or shorthand for a command or series of commands
alias.4alias table file of encoding names
aliasadm.1mmanipulate the NIS+ aliases map
aliases.4addresses and aliases for sendmail
alloca.3cSee malloc.3c
allocate.1device allocation
allocb.9fallocate a message block
alphasort.3ucbSee scandir.3ucb
amt.1run abstract machine test
anocancel.9fprevent cancellation of asynchronous I/O request
ANSI.5See standards.5
answerbook2.1online documentation system
answerbook2_admin.1mbring up AnswerBook2 administration tool GUI
a.out.4Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files
apache.1mApache hypertext transfer protocol server overview
aphysio.9fperform asynchronous physical I/O
appcert.1examine application-level products for unstable use of Solaris interfaces
apptrace.1trace application function calls to Solaris shared libraries
apropos.1locate commands by keyword lookup
ar.1maintain portable archive or library
ar.3headarchive file format
arc.3plotSee plot.3plot
arch.1display the architecture of the current host
architecture.5See attributes.5
archives.4device header
aread.9easynchronous read from a device
arp.1maddress resolution display and control
arp.7pAddress Resolution Protocol
ARP.7pSee arp.7p
asa.1convert FORTRAN carriage-control output to printable form
ascftime.3cSee strftime.3c
ascii.5map of ASCII character set
asctime.3cSee ctime.3c
asctime_r.3cSee ctime.3c
aset.1mmonitors or restricts accesses to system files and directories
asetenv.4ASET environment file
asetmasters.4ASET master files
aset.restore.1mrestores system files to their content before ASET is installed
asin.3marc sine function
asinh.3mSee acosh.3m
assert.3cverify program assertion
ASSERT.9fexpression verification
assert.9fSee ASSERT.9f
asy.7dasynchronous serial port driver
at.1execute commands at a later time
ata.7dAT attachment disk driver
atan2.3marc tangent function
atan.3marc tangent function
atanh.3mSee acosh.3m
atexit.3cregister a function to run at process termination or object unloading
atof.3cSee strtod.3c
atoi.3cSee strtol.3c
atol.3cSee strtol.3c
atoll.3cSee strtol.3c
atoplot.1bSee plot.1b
atq.1display the jobs queued to run at specified times
atrm.1remove jobs spooled by at or batch
attach.9eAttach a device to the system, or resume it
attr_get.3xcursescontrol window attributes
attributes.5attributes of interfaces
attroff.3cursesSee curs_attr.3curses
attroff.3xcurseschange foreground window attributes
attr_off.3xcursesSee attr_get.3xcurses
attron.3cursesSee curs_attr.3curses
attr_on.3xcursesSee attr_get.3xcurses
attron.3xcursesSee attroff.3xcurses
attropen.3copen a file
attrset.3cursesSee curs_attr.3curses
attr_set.3xcursesSee attr_get.3xcurses
attrset.3xcursesSee attroff.3xcurses
au.4AU audio file format
au_close.3bsmSee au_open.3bsm
audio.7i generic audio device interface
audioconvert.1convert audio file formats
audiocs.7dCrystal Semiconductor 4231 Audio driver
audioens.7dEnsoniq 1371/1373 and Creative Labs 5880 driver support
audioplay.1play audio files
audiorecord.1record an audio file
audio_support.7iaudio driver support routines and interface
audiots.7dAcer Laboratories Inc. M5451 audio processor interface
audit.1mcontrol the behavior of the audit daemon
audit.2write a record to the audit log
audit_class.4audit class definitions
auditconfig.1mconfigure auditing
audit_control.4control information for system audit daemon
auditd.1maudit daemon
audit_data.4current information on audit daemon
audit_event.4audit event definition and class mapping
audit.log.4audit trail file
auditon.2manipulate auditing
auditreduce.1mmerge and select audit records from audit trail files
audit_startup.1maudit subsystem initialization script
auditstat.1mdisplay kernel audit statistics
auditsvc.2write audit log to specified file descriptor
audit_user.4per-user auditing data file
audit_warn.1maudit daemon warning script
au_open.3bsmconstruct and write audit records
au_preselect.3bsmpreselect an audit event
auth_attr.4authorization description database
authdes_create.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
authdes_getucred.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
authdes_seccreate.3nslSee secure_rpc.3nsl
auth_destroy.3nslSee rpc_clnt_auth.3nsl
authmd5h.7mHMAC-MD5 Authentication Algorithm Module for IPsec
authnone_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_auth.3nsl
auths.1print authorizations granted to a user
authsha1.7mHMAC-SHA-1 Authentication Algorithm Module for IPsec
authsys_create.3nslSee rpc_clnt_auth.3nsl
authsys_create_default.3nslSee rpc_clnt_auth.3nsl
authunix_create.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
authunix_create_default.3nslSee rpc_soc.3nsl
au_to.3bsmcreate audit record tokens
au_to_arg32.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_arg.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_arg64.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_attr.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_cmd.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_data.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_groups.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_in_addr.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_ipc.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_iport.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_me.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
automount.1minstall automatic mount points
automountd.1mautofs mount/unmount daemon
au_to_newgroups.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_opaque.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_path.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_process.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_process_ex.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
autopush.1mconfigures lists of automatically pushed STREAMS modules
au_to_return32.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_return.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_return64.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_socket.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_subject.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_subject_ex.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_to_text.3bsmSee au_to.3bsm
au_user_mask.3bsmget user's binary preselection mask
au_write.3bsmSee au_open.3bsm
availability.5See attributes.5
awk.1pattern scanning and processing language
awrite.9easynchronous write to a device
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